Preparing for the Future III

Abiding under the shadow of the Almighty

I hope we do not take His presence for granted and that our religious knowledge does not drown our sensitivity of this revelation. This infinite holy reality that I am referring to is the reverential fear of who God is. It is called “fear” on purpose because there is not a word that can better describe an appropriate human approach toward an eternal, omnipotent deity. Why do we not reverence Him more? Because we have spent most of our life on the outside looking into His presence. If we could ever spend two (uninterrupted) minutes at His throne, we would know much more about His majesty and a lifetime about humility. Have you ever noticed someone talking about God like He was a million miles away? There are many things people say that they would never say to His face. Selah.
A couple of weeks ago I wrote about “the Christians greatest need” and we settled on the subject of maturity. If we could symbolize maturity as a type of “tree” we can become a little more intense with our imagination and envision one of its main branches as reverential fear. We can confidently say that one enhances the other in whichever way we desire to define them. They both can be recognized within a Christian that has taken their representation of Christ to the highest level.
I was speaking with a person the other day and was saddened by the negative statements about how the Bible was filled with errors because of the inaccuracy of humans. They are convinced that God originally inspired His chosen ones to write His Word and then completely turned it over to the “safe-keeping”, direction and interpretation of mortal men. Allow me to say that if God had just given His “perfect” absolute truth to the natural intelligence of scholars, (which many times is a pitiful ignorance), it would have never lasted through the first century. Yes it is true that men have made a mess out of several translation attempts and we also know that people with good intentions can ruin the concept of scriptural meaning – however, men cannot destroy God’s Word or contaminate HIS pure Word just like they cannot ruin God’s church. Like many things in life, there are originals and there are copies or fakes of the originals. God’s Word is highly guarded by His own Omniscience and is preserved for those who all who diligently seek Him. He has given freewill for whosoever chooses to follow a lie, but that does not mean He is not protecting His conclusive and unblemished Word. His Word is who He is and though men can distort His image that does not mean they can change who He is. Selah. There are many very serious problems associated with this world-view and right from the beginning we can discern this observation (whether people realize it or not) stems from a belief system that is heavily influenced from the devil called deism. We might as well prepare now for the future flood of lies that are connected to the new modern ideas of deism. The Bible is being dissected every day and is being chipped away piece by piece until the secular philosopher will leave nothing that can be identified. This is high on Satan’s list of “things to do” and it is for the purpose of causing DOUBT in the hearts of ALL people. If God and His Word can be doubted even in the smallest way, He is of no consideration as a dependable source of absolute truth! Selah. The devils strategy is to reduce God and His Word to a THEORY and force it to get in line with all of the other ideas that claim to bring freedom to the mind and soul. This is a twisted distortion that has the intention to present the blood of Jesus Christ as an optional “therapy” instead of the ONLY power in heaven and earth that can forgive sin and transform a spirit. Satan knows there is no other covenant in the universe that can save a soul from hell or redeem and ransom a spirit into eternal life!
Deism is a conception that perceives God as a (long distance) divine creator of heaven and earth but has since remained detached from His creation. This view believes that man is on his own to find his way without any supernatural assistance or divine revelation. This doctrine further believes the accomplishments or failures of the human race are based on man’s mental and physical abilities. This idea is laced with the notion that man should be given his share of glory and honor for his wonderful achievements which is saturated in arrogance and narcissism. Let it be said to the so-called scholars of the world; God is far more wise than to allow man to oversee something that is not only so powerful and ultimately life changing but also has a direct connection to everyone’s eternal destiny. If God did not intervene in the affairs of humans we would not be able to experience His presence and anyone that has been aware of Him and felt His power knows that we can have as much of Him here on earth as we desire. Those who have never known His presence and do not believe that we can experience Him now – needs to be born-again and filled with the Holy Spirit! Can we all say amen together?
How can we prepare for the future? Well, at this place and time I am not going to continue to write about what I think is going to happen all around us. There are many good prophecy teachers that can explain the sequence of events and of course there is also much speculation about what might happen. I have my own ideas of possibilities and most of the time they are so negative that I keep them to myself. I admit I am concerned and even worried about what I will do and how I will be able to lead others in that time of distress. I realize that my faith is not at the level it should be and a lot of that is because of two reasons; like we said before we have not had to really BELIEVE for our existence. We have been born with a golden spoon in our mouth and have been very blessed to always have everything we need. The other reason is our lack of diligence to develop a fervent prayer life. I do not mean praying at the dinner table or at special events – I am talking about making a prayer list and spending a considerable amount of time each day interceding for those in need. We hear about mountain moving faith but we do not think about what kind of prayer life is associated with this level of faith. In fact, I believe we could measure our level of faith with the intensity of our prayer life. If we do not pray that much why in the world would we need or desire faith? Selah.

. In first Thessalonians chapter 5 verses 5-6 we read, “You are the children of light and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of the darkness. Therefore let us not sleep as do others; but let us watch and be sober.” We yawn while reading the paper or watching the news about worldwide suffering but do not want to imagine the shock of our personal life experiencing these trials. I have never had a day in my life where I did not have all that I could eat. I have never been destitute with no home or vehicle or money. I have always had pretty much everything I need and want and I praise God for that. For me to think seriously about what it would be like to not have all of the conveniences that bring us comfort and pleasure causes a short-circuit in my brain. As for preparing for an economic meltdown, it is clear to see that I would be considered a person that would be in trouble. I am not going to sit here and act like I could blend right in with everyday survival mentality without going through the stress and shock of losing my old life. Can you imagine what life would be like without electricity or water? Even if we had a stockpile of food and water, what would be our next move when we ran out of everything? Can you picture you and your family sitting around day and night in isolation because it is too dangerous to venture outside? What the fear of gangs breaking in and attacking your home because they want your food and shelter? Sure I have guns, I actually have my carry and conceal permit but am I ready to start killing people because I do not want to give up my Vienna sausages? I don’t know if this is the attitude that Jesus would have. Would Jesus kill someone if they were breaking in on him to steal His food? I don’t know. I can say that my attitude right now is that I would need to shoot anyone trying to cause harm to me and my family. The idea of self-defense is legitimate and I see nothing spiritually wrong with protecting oneself. In fact, I feel it is my responsibility to protect my wife from harm and to protect my property but to be gut level honest the question I have is; am I mentally and spiritually prepared for this? Maybe not. Why? Because I am so busy trying to live the dream of this old life, I am not thinking or preparing for the future.
Maybe I am being soft because I am reluctant to face reality. I am content to come home from work to a luxurious home and a beautiful wife. I am enjoying delicious meals, watching my big screen and driving my new Cadillac. I do not really want to let go of the things I have worked for even though I realize my lifestyle has created a “satisfaction” within me. However, it is the danger of this contentment that worries me. I do not feel that any of us have been wrong to enjoy the blessings of God because I believe He loves to see His children enjoy the fruits of their labor. But, we all know what prosperity can do to our mind and how vulnerable we are when our flesh dictates our life. Is anyone out there like me? Have you been spoiled with being cozy in your comfort zone with so many good things in your life that you would have a difficult time walking away from them? I am being completely honest because I believe it is a good first step toward change. We must see our weaknesses and the reasons behind our emotions in order to make plans to readjust our thinking. Preparing for the future is definitely going to require a transformation in our conscience and a strong renewal within our heart. Being an overcomer in the last days is not going to happen with those who have not made definite lifestyle changes. Those who are weak in their faith will not be able to endure the challenges that will require standing for God’s truth. Selah. Far beyond the stockpiles of food and water is the highest priority of our life and that is our personal relationship with Christ. I cannot imagine the chaos and violence of trying to go to the grocery store if it was announced that today all stores will be locked down indefinitely. We would still need to maintain the integrity of being a Christian even in the middle of an angry riot. We cannot lose our sensitivity and become as a blinded barbarian over a loaf of bread. This may come as a huge surprise to many Christians but there is coming a day where WE WILL actually need to live by FAITH! Ha, brother you are hilarious! I have been living by faith for years, what are you talking about? Oh really, I know we say prayers and ask God for things. I know we pray for the sick to recover and for God to do miracles if it is His will but have we ever really TRULY had to LIVE by faith alone where your daily life depended on it? I doubt it. Aside from the times we have suffered a serious illness or a loved one has been stricken with a serious situation, we have probably not had to depend on God that much. We are so spoiled living in this country that we do not have a clue to how good we have had it. Have you ever had to dig through the garbage to find something to eat? Have you ever slept under a bridge or shivered in the cold trying to sleep in a cardboard box? While much of the world has been eating rice and drinking dirty water, we have been enjoying steak and lobster. I am reminded of Elijah by the brook and how the birds of the air brought him meat to eat. Do we have this level of faith? Do we believe that God would take care of us the same way? Do you think that now is the time to develop this level of spiritual faith or will you just wait until you will need to believe in these kinds of miracles? How shocked will most of us be if we were to awaken in the morning and everything was different? Will it ever happen like this?
Like we have said before, there are many different suggestions to how the New World Order will come into place. After thinking about the scenario of a total economic collapse in one day, I really feel that something of this proportion would not be likely. I tend to lean toward the notion that as our situation becomes critically near to collapse, that summit meetings from the world’s superpowers would negotiate a financial restructure that would impact the world economy. The falling of the American Empire would be a perfect opportunity for the anti-christ to step forward and become a miracle maker on the world’s stage. His ideas and strategies will be praised by the rulers of darkness and these new reforms will seem to be a rescue of the planet’s financial woes. This of course will project him into a strong leadership position that would be more like the President of the world. He will become a king among the kingdoms of the earth and one who is highly admired by the masses. How will this affect America? It is possible that the penalty for this nation’s ignorance will be the sacrifice of its independence. Money is power and those who have no money – have no power. When the strong man is bound, he cannot rule his house and the sins of the United States will destroy the ability for this nation to rule anything! The once strong and mighty nation will be reduced to a slave and will have no influence or respect to say anything or do anything. The restructuring of our economy may include the rules and regulations from the world government and in order for anyone to function in this new society they will need the “mark” of allegiance to this new world system of the beast. Like all the other fallen empires we will suffer ruin and all of the devastation and misery that is found within a humanistic vision. If this is the picture of our fallen country, where will the Christians be found? Could it be that within the new government of the anti-christ, that he will implement new “world” laws that will prohibit the teaching of Christianity? Could it be possible that the new system will be so aggressive against God’s Word that anyone will be imprisoned or even killed if found spreading the gospel? I know, we would rather not think about such a thing… it is too disturbing. We would rather live in denial and hope the rapture rescues us before we suffer persecution. Selah.
Prayer and faith are highly popular religious words that we like to throw around because they make us sound like we are really walking in His Spirit. The old nature loves to look good in front of others and is always willing to take whatever glory it can get. The truth is that we will only be prepared for the future as much as we are prepared this moment! If we know how to get into God’s presence and consult Him without wavering today, then the chances are good that we will not have a problem with faith when the bottom falls out. If we are a carnal Christian and spend very little time in God’s presence now, how in the world will we be able to take a crash course in connecting with the Holy Spirit when our mind is disoriented, confused, afraid and in shock? This is why believing that God’s Word is perfectly true is so crucial to our spiritual life. Our relationship with God is built completely on TRUST – the “unseen”. How can we have faith in something we are not sure of? We cannot! We must read His Word and listen to His voice NOW and this will help prepare us for whatever trials are included in our own unique destiny.

Preparing for the Future II

Abiding under the shadow of the Almighty

It is not a secret to the person who is following Christ that we are in what Jesus called, “the beginning of sorrows.” When reading Mathew chapter 24, we notice between verse 8 and 9, a drastic change of the atmosphere and evidently a sudden shift in the laws of the world. In verses five through seven Jesus is talking about the hardships and struggles of the world with natural disasters, famines and wars. The news is filled about these things every day now and it seems we have even become numb to the chaos and destructive forces that happen almost daily around our planet. We have talked about this before but it is true that we are being bombarded with so much negative information that we can hardly sleep at night from the stress and anxiety of the world’s problems. However, the conversation turns drastically in verse 9 when Jesus continues by saying something that changes the scenario from something we hear about – to something we are directly involved with. “Then shall they deliver YOU up to be afflicted, and shall kill YOU: and YOU shall be hated of all nations for my names sake.” Did you notice how quickly his context went from something that is happening around us – to something that is happening to us? I believe this is a warning sign and significant revelation to how sudden things can and will change in the world we live in.
I am concerned that many Christians including myself are living in a “coma” like state of mind because we are tired from working all the time. It is normal to look forward to having time off and to anticipate and enjoy our weekends and vacations however; many times we are not aware that our life could change very quickly. We run to the security and coziness of our homes each night as we try to rest and relax from the stress and harshness of the world but we should also remember to pray diligently that our discernment and sensitivity of the Holy Spirit will be sharp in order to hear God’s instructions. May we not become soft and weak while waiting for Jesus to come and rescue us in a pre-tribulation rapture. When He does return that will be a glorious day and we will definitely Praise Him but if He does NOT come when you think He will, there is no doubt you may be required to do things you never dreamed you would need to do. As we have said before, the world will continue to spiral down into darkness and this includes becoming more hostile toward God and His people. The world “hates” Jesus and the authority of God’s Word and this increasing animosity will include eliminating the Christians. This statement has no intention of causing fear but rather a trumpet warning call to spiritually prepare NOW as one would secure their house before a storm.
Within our generation we have witnessed this nation shake its fist in the face of God and now we grieve with sorrow. There have been very intelligent people in the past trying to guide and inform our government about decisions but carnal Politian’s have surrendered to the temptations of corruption. Human nature is weak when it comes to being blinded with power and control, and politics is the highest arena where men and women can promote their own agenda on a very large stage. There may be humble beginnings when passionate people begin their quest into the political world but they all seem to fall prey to the lobbyists who operate like the mafia that whispers secrets in the shadows. It does not take a Politian long to understand how the games are played. The tragic disappointment is realizing it is not the political office that really has the power – it is the outside interests that actually make the decisions. Money controls political offices and they use public officials like puppets to get what they want all the while taking care of those who cooperate. With career politicians, it is either go along with what the rulers of the world desire or face the consequences of losing everything.
We must remember that Christians cannot change Biblical prophecy that God has already seen and written. This world is controlled by a system called the beast and a handful of good people who desire to change it will not overturn it. We have been called to be overcomers of sin in our own life – NOT force the masses to embrace Jesus. If we can live a life of obedience with abiding in the vine of His truth, we will be a reflection of His image. The Holy Spirit convicts those who “see” Christ in us and this is what God has called us to do. The witness of how we live is much more convincing than what we say. Selah. The world has always hated Jesus because He exposed their depravity and would not compromise just so He could be seen as a “nice guy”. His ministry was not a campaign platform but rather a sacrifice of His life so that everyone could experience the freedom of His truth. It is this very truth that has the power to redeem and deliver the soul from being eternally damned. Are we not to stand for certain issues, absolutely! But the key is to be led according to God’s gentle voice – not to speak or react within the logic of our emotions. Yes, we must pray for our government and our politicians because we cannot conquer evil with our physical strength and intelligence. We “wrestle” against the system of darkness through spiritual warfare but this is only developed with spending time in the secret place. Without the spiritual anointing of sensitivity and discernment it is easy to become sidetracked which breaks our concentration away from our personal mission.
Let us edify one another and say that even though we are heading into “deeper waters” so to speak of the last days, we can rejoice in knowing that Jesus IS returning! Each day that passes is a day closer to seeing the face of Christ and adoring Him in all of His GLORY! Amen! Shout and dance in the streets my brothers and sisters for we have so much to be excited about! Yes, the problems and troubles of this life are very heavy but cast off the spirit of heaviness and put on the garments of PRAISE! Enduring to the end is all about staying strong in the power of God’s might and keeping our focus on HIS face. This is not the time to throw in the towel because we are exhausted. It is time to be refreshed by the fresh wind of the Holy Ghost and rekindle the embers of our spiritual joy into a bonfire of zeal. Instead of backing off in the ministry may we step forward and commit even more time and resources to His Kingdom. Christianity was never intended to be a “tithe” of our money and time! It is a TOTAL dedication and complete sacrifice that reveals our highest priority! “He that has my commandments, and keeps them, it is he that loves me: and he that loves ME shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him and will manifest myself unto him.” (John 14:20)
Why not pray about starting a mission in your town that helps the poor and feeds the hungry? Why not pray about starting a new Holy Spirit led ministry? Why not pray about being a missionary? Why not pray about starting a radio program that teaches God’s Word? Why not pray about teaching Sunday school? If there is anything that you are complaining about that you believe your community NEEDS then maybe you are the one God will use to start it. If you do not see it happening maybe God will use YOU to make it happen! We are twenty first century people needing first century Pentecostal power but we must arise from our comfortable slumber and rebuke the intimidation and fear! Will you be a voice crying in the wilderness or will you just roll over and pull the covers over your head? Selah.

Preparing for the Future

Abiding under the shadow of the Almighty

I have noticed lately how the center of my conversation has been focused around what is coming in the future. It seems that with most every Christian that I speak with either in person or through the computer always ends up talking about what is coming. I personally believe it is normal to be concerned about our economy and the deterioration of our morals even though in reality there is not much we can do about it. I realize that many Christians today are just trying to live day by day (in survivor mode) and at the end of the day just want to find a little peace and quiet before they go to bed. However, I feel that avoiding the issues and turning our thoughts away from the truth can hinder our spiritual development because it is not preparing us to deal with the ever increasing boldness of evil. Ok, so what exactly is coming and WHEN is it coming? Well, that is a very good question and not one that many people want to explain in definite detail. There are many ideas and opinions about what “could” happen if certain things came to pass but there are a few facts that we know is coming because Jesus said it would. As far as “when”, we can look to God’s Word to find a general timeline and realize our highest priority is to be found abiding in Him with being ready to trust His voice.
One of the most thought about and talked about concerns in our daily life involves the probable collapse of the American economy. Some people that are intelligent about finances are literally bracing for the unthinkable. It is a fact that we are borrowing money at an alarming rate and our national debt is going through the ceiling. Those of us who manage our own finances do not need to be a professional economist to know this lack of responsibility spells disaster. The question of the hour is just how long can we continue in this destructive direction? I am sure there are many who choose to ignore this situation and roll their eyes as they believe that no one can be trusted to tell the truth and that most of our economic problems are just the exaggeration of ignorant fear mongers. However, I believe that history provides a clear picture of what other nations have experienced while going through the same patterns that America is going through now. In this light, we can at least put to rest the idea that our troubles are NOT just a religious panic or a figment of our imagination but rather has the potential to drastically change our lives forever.
We have heard much discussion about why other nations and societies have risen to power and then crumbled under their own mistakes, but none is more widely discussed than the fall of the Roman Empire. I would like to share some of what historian Joe Tremblay has written as he has chosen five reasons (among many others) why Rome collapsed and to carefully observe the parallels that it had with our nation today. Tremblay says, “The most important of the five have to do with the breakdown of religion, morality and the family. Secular humanist will disagree but the truth is that everything else ripples from these three major principles.
1. Family disintegration: Bachelors became more highly esteemed than husbands and fathers in society. In the second and third century of the Christian era, it had become a stigma for men to be “tied down” to families. Sexual liberation, especially among men, was lauded.
2. Low birth rate: During the centuries that followed Christ’s ascension into heaven, the Roman Empire had already experienced a precipitous drop in the birth rate. This trend started when Augustus, the Roman emperor, reigned. Even he tried to promulgate incentives for families to have more children; but it was too late. Before Augustus it wasn’t unusual for couples to have up to 12 children. In the decades which followed, couples, much like today, only had one or two children at the most. Eventually the city of Rome went from a million inhabitants to less than 50,000. Depopulation had a devastating effect on both Rome as well as Ancient Greece.
3. Fragmentation of religion: There were so many gods for so many special causes and towns – especially because the Roman religion imported gods from the Hellenistic culture (Greek culture spread throughout the Roman Empire) that the ancient pagans despaired of having any uniformity. Over the years, religion became so chaotic they increasingly found it difficult to find meaning in their rituals or to understand the faith of their own creeds.
4. Centralization and expansion of government: Take for instance the third century A.D. (200s) Ralph Martin Novak, author of “Christianity and the Roman Empire”, provides a sobering statistic of third century Rome which serves as a warning to our U.S. government. He states, “It is estimated that whereas at the start of the third century A.D. the Roman emperors employed only about 300 to 350 full-time individuals in administering the Empire, by 300 A.D. this number had grown to some 30,000 or 35,000 people.” The central government of the Roman Empire had become so bureaucratic and top heavy that in order to sustain it the sources of wealth eventually ran dry through heavy taxation. Caesar and the Roman Senate had ceased to be an instrument of service to the people and instead, they made themselves an end in itself. Of course we all know that our government is an out of control, twisted monster that is wasting all the money and accomplishing nothing except causing the people more suffering.
5. The culture of death was alive and well. Consider the following practices which had political, legal and social sanction:
a. Baby exposure: This practice of infanticide, back then called “baby exposure,” couples would simply throw unwanted babies away. They would either kill them outright or take them out to the garbage. This was widely practiced. Seneca, a Roman philosopher, said this about killing babies: “We drown our innocent children who at birth are weakly and abnormal. Yet it is not anger, but reason that separates the harmful from the sound.” Today abortion is perfectly justified.
b. Gladiator games: Gladiators, slaves and prisoners would be killed in these blood sports for the purpose of entertaining the unemployed masses that became addicted to violence and the shock factor. Seneca, the same Roman philosopher who approved of infanticide and who was later forced to commit suicide by the Emperor Nero, said this about a gladiator game he saw: “I come home more greedy, more cruel and inhuman, because I have been among barbarian human beings. By chance I attended a midday exhibition, expecting some fun, wit, and relaxation…but it was quite the contrary…these noon fighters are sent out with no armor of any kind; they are exposed to blows at all points, and no one ever strikes in vain…in the morning they throw men to the lions; at noon they throw them to the spectators.” Without a conscience there is no spiritual sensitivity.
These five factors made the Roman Empire vulnerable to outside foreign forces starting in 410 A.D. St. Augustine witnessed the beginning of its collapse. Dr. Phil Jenkins, author of “The Lost History of Christianity: The Thousand-Year Golden Age of the Church in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia and How it Died,” once wrote the following: “De-Christianization is one of the least studied aspects of Christian history. Partly, the lack of interest in vanishing churches is a matter of practicality, in that dying organizations tend not to produce records of their own extinction.” The fact is that if the Church goes down, the nation goes with it. This has been a recurring reality throughout world history. Dictators know this more than anyone. Joseph Stalin, former dictator of the Soviet Union, had this to say: “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.”
Strange to say, that in 1948 Bishop Fulton Sheen warned of a similar fate for America if the Gospel would ever cease to serve as its moral compass. Even then he was concerned about this great nation. He said, “It is characteristic of any decaying civilization that the great masses of the people are unconscious of the tragedy…Men do not want to believe their own times are wicked, partly because it involves too much self-accusation and principally because they have no standards outside of themselves by which to measure their times. The basic reason for this false optimism he attributes to the fact that our civilization is mechanical rather than organic.” In other words our flesh is very easily influenced.
So we see that much of what was happening in the past continues to recycle around and around leaving the same results every time. The consequences of sin are like the laws of gravity and can be counted on for consistency throughout any age and with all types of humans. I was thinking the other day about how the family has been attacked by so many external forces that it would be impossible to shelter children from being exposed to the corruption of sin. However, this has been true since day one and cannot be blamed for the deterioration of our society. We can accuse the devil all day long and his clever influences but the breakdown of the family has come from within the family itself – more bluntly from the parents as a whole. Discipline is one of the key factors in the development and maintenance of a healthy and spiritually strong life. Any nation can be seen as a reflection of the discipline of the family unit. What parents stand for and follow through with will be incorporated into the children’s conscience and will have a powerful impact on the thoughts and actions of that generation. We all can see that our nation began to lose the desire and motivation to remain disciplined in the early nineteen hundreds and shifted into second gear in the nineteen fifties. Discipline is what built strong walls of integrity and compromise was the wrecking ball that tore them down. Selah. Everyone wanted freedom to do whatever they wanted and just like a spoiled child, this nation became as a rebellious juvenile delinquent. Parents refusing to spank their children and putting the Bible on the shelf because they would rather watch television allowed Satan to move in. The church failed because they compromised God’s truth. They just wanted to live like everyone else…and they did. “Father, teach us to not depend on the security of this world, but rather may we develop our faith and learn how to completely trust you even when we cannot see. Open the eyes of our heart that we may know you, amen.”

Where are we headed?

Offend me with the truth but never comfort me with a lie

I know this is a loaded question but at the same time, I do wonder what the future holds for God’s people. Of course I know that Jesus is coming back and one day we will be with Him for all eternity, but as you all know there are many events yet to take place between now and then. There are several disagreements when it comes to prophecy but we can all agree that Jesus will defeat the armies of the world and remain in total authority over the kingdom of darkness. So, why do we want to know where we are headed? Because we are curious as to how the last days are going to affect us. As I have said before, it seems many do not really worry about the future as they live day to day and are just content to survive with food, shelter, a check coming in and the freedom to live the way they want. I am not trying to be the bearer of bad news nor do I claim to be a prophet but, allow me to ask a few questions; do you feel that maybe we are experiencing the “calm” before the storm? Can you discern in your spirit that things will not always be like they are now? If there is severe persecution on the horizon, will we be ready to endure its fury? Will we stand for God’s truth in the face of violence? Are you strong enough today to forsake everything you have and follow His voice wherever He may lead you? Having HOPE in Christ is a beautiful fruit of spiritual maturity in knowing that God never fails and whatever the future brings we will confidently hold on to His hand. However, before we go further, we should dress for battle and lace our combat boots as we prepare our conscience for a few sobering thoughts.
We have programmed our mentality to sort incoming messages into organized compartments. We like to hear positive words and we love encouraging speeches. We become instantly turned off with negative comments and views that paint pictures of suffering and adversity. I realize that many of us have read articles, books and listened to prophecy teachers and our pastors speak about the future. We also know the Bible and may have a general outline of eschatology, but to be honest, many times we find that we do not have a firm grasp of the details. If God’s Word was broken down into more detail, the Bible would not be just one book but rather a very large “series” of commentaries, but one thing is perfectly clear; the Lord had every intention to give us “keys” that would unlock layers of divine revelation. Much of God’s wisdom is hidden in the depths of His Spirit and it is within the realm of His presence where we find the treasures of His intentions. Handing someone a sword does not mean they skillfully know how to use it – it takes years of constant seeking and God’s heart in order to become a wise counselor. Reading the Bible is not necessarily studying it. We can receive much from reading but the heart of His enlightenment lies “below” the surface. Those who are hungry for His truth must also have the equal passion and desire for His righteousness. We cannot be just archeologist of information unless we are first lovers of His person. We do not glean His fields so that we can celebrate knowing more – but rather we receive according to our humility, motives and responsibility to do His will which is “intertwined” within His absolute truth. We must proceed in His way (He is Master) and with the sanctified attitude (we are the student) as His holiness discerns the desecration and blasphemy from the darkness of pride.
Let me ask another simple question; do you believe we will change the world and bring revival that will sweep the globe and restore God’s peace and love to the planet? Or, do you believe the world will continue growing darker, filled with hate and more violence against God and His people? I realize we do not want to think about this. There are people I am very close to that will openly reject this type of talk by saying why should we worry about it because there is nothing we can do to stop it. I understand this view but at the same time, how can we work fervently in God’s Kingdom with our head in the sand? I know that emotional fear desires to grip us and paralyze our mind and emotions but this is where FAITH must rise and be a stronger influence on our thoughts than our “feelings”. It is crucial to keep our eyes on God in these last hours because it is a constant reminder that we are conquerors because GOD is who He says He is! Saturating our heart with His truth will enable us to function in this world – but not become entangled in its lies.
With God’s grace I will answer the question. We will NOT turn the world around – not because God CANNOT but because He has seen the future. It is not being negative to say, “It is too late”. In His foreknowledge He has revealed that sin will increase and society will become no less than savage barbarians (again) without a conscience. This part of judgment is relatively clear and it will include Jesus coming in the clouds with a holy judgment of wrath that will destroy the wicked inhabitants of the earth. With His Omnipotent Word of TRUTH, He will slaughter all those who have risen against him in hatred and this demonstration of power will be like none has ever imagined. I am sorry and do not mean to dash your dreams that we can evangelize the masses and convert Satan’s kingdom into a glorious world for God, however we can work within His divine appointments and look forward to the New Millennium with the Holy City of Jerusalem descending from heaven where Jesus will rule and reign as King for a thousand years.
It is not my intention to bore you or depress you with pages of facts about how vile we have become as a society. If you want to study the darkness of people’s hearts, you can read all you want at the touch of your fingertips. I will mention however, that we must realize a very important aspect of our daily routine may not be exactly what we believe it is. I am speaking about communication – the media world of which we receive our news from. It is common knowledge the majority of every television network, radio, and newspaper is owned by just a handful of very powerful people. Each of these individuals has an agenda to control the minds of every human. They realize the power of words can manipulate and influence the brain into believing what it hears and in turn can plant seeds of information that can be used to lead the masses. We are not only heading into a mind control state of existence – we are already there! The heaviness and discouragement we feel in our heart is not only from drinking in the dark events but also the result of listening to lies. We may feel we are not doing anything wrong intentionally but the absorption of “twisted truth” nevertheless has a direct “impact” on our spirit and conscience. We need to consider who we listen to as we ask the Lord about pulling away from the dragon’s flood of lies. “Now brother, you are starting to sound like some fanatic weirdo that is afraid of everything.” Call it whatever you will, there is no positive reason that a true Christian can explain that would justify listening to Satan’s lies concerning his worldviews. If we have nothing better than to wallow in distorted half-truths, then we need to examine our heart and see why we feel the urge to be made a fool of. The nightly news will continue “feeding the listener” because the strategy of Satan is to keep us pacing the floor with worry and fear while we sit and do nothing to actually fulfill or accomplish our divine calling. Since the media is not filled with the Holy Spirit, pray and ask the Lord about limiting your intake of what the world’s humanistic philosophy has to say.
It is common to see large crowds gather when the subject is blessings, heaven, or bragging about how wonderful we are. It is not difficult to make lots friends and financial supporters when your message is one that exalts human goodness and how God is going to pour out His riches on those who follow Him. Though some of these promises are true when placed in their proper context, we need to be cautious when they are presented out of balance and in a form of extremism. Yes, it is true we have been MADE righteous because we are in Christ, but as far as our “goodness” I am afraid I have bad news. People do not want to hear it but the truth is that our old nature is corrupt and depraved. Our righteousness is as “filthy rags” because our old nature is filled with sin. The only good we can do is what God “helps” or empowers us to do. The only good we can say is what God speaks through us or anoints us to say. This is why secular psychology usually does not really help anyone because it emphasizes its power in the ability of “human” ability and intelligence. Churches will continue using humanism to draw the large crowds and generate the finances needed to support their programs. Compromise has “reduced” the level of God’s Spirit in the church while increasing the level of carnality. Preaching against sin is not popular because people love to sin! Selah.

Death is the “gift” that homosexual behavior has given to the world. Despite this truth, people in positions of influence and power, such as our government and legal system, now defend homosexuality as a normal and wholesome lifestyle. Soon it will be against the law to even speak about this issue in a negative light. America’s leaders are promoting homosexuality as desirable because it gives them favor as they receive political support from the masses for their policies and laws. Our culture of death believes there will be no consequences to their actions. The sin of Homosexuality is NOT harmonious with divine life. Far from being conformed to the image and likeness of God, homosexuality is a manifestation of the spirit of anti-christ. It is antagonistic to life, and a vehicle of debauchery and corruption. Satan is a liar, and so too are the men and women who support this abomination.
America became a culture of death in 1973. That year the Supreme Court declared it to be a woman’s right to murder the child in her womb. It was the same year that the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from their list of mental illnesses, declaring it to be normal, and healthy behavior. America chose death over life. Throughout the Bible Godly women are consistently portrayed as desiring to bring forth life. However the widespread use of birth-control has now become the substitute for abstinence. It is not anyone’s right to kill an unborn baby just because you do not want to be bothered with it. This is truly contrary to the nature and character of God, which is life-giving. America has not been able to “escape” the consequences of her actions as God’s judgment is “at the door”. The most prosperous nation in the world has intentionally chosen death and is now dying morally, spiritually, and physically. America’s once mighty economic and manufacturing dominance has been destroyed. The dollar is dying and when it falls it will cause a financial collapse “domino effect” throughout the entire planet. America has bloodstained hands with so many deceptions and evil deeds in the past that are hidden behind the scenes. This nation produces the abundance of pornography and “Hollywood” rebellion to all the nations of the world that are poisoning the minds of billions with evil imaginations. Where are we headed? This nation will eventually present nudity and sex on regular television and pedophiles are the next slice of society that will cry for the right to express their sexual needs just like the gay movement. Where there is no repentance for sin there is judgment.

The question that is in the back of everyone’s mind is, “what will happen to our economy”? Well, you do not have to search very far to see people preparing for an economic collapse. People laugh and call them doomsday preppers or fear mongers but one thing seems to be prevalent is that many people are becoming worried. Not to intentionally be negative again, but it is clear that the world will experience an economic collapse. The United States is (or used to be) a front-runner when it comes to the world of finances and no matter how the experts try to decorate it or present it – we are in trouble. It is only common sense that if we are blowing up a balloon, that it can hold only so much air. The result of over filling is an explosion, which is exactly where we are headed. History proves that when a nation prints an overabundance of currency, it becomes worthless. Our debt is spinning so out of control, it is agreed that we will never be able to “justify” our checkbook so to speak. This mammon melt-down will come to pass in order for Satan to establish his New World Order of control. The mark of the beast will be a part of his world government and will identify who chooses to serve him – and who will perish. “Father, we humbly bow before you. We love you. We choose to stand with you even as a martyr and in your power – the gates of hell will NOT prevail against us! We choose to seek your face in the secret place and for your glory we live, amen.”




I had every intention last week to begin a new series of articles about politics but I feel led to share another message relating to abandonment. I work in a busy environment of freight shipping that involves the constant incoming and outgoing of truck drivers that pull eighteen-wheelers. I see regular drivers that come in every day and pass through on their way to other states. This past week a Louisville driver came in and while he was out in the yard, he felt a little dizzy and out of breath. He came in and sat down and one of our managers (a longtime friend of his) offered to run him down to the clinic and just check it out. He told him that his arms were feeling tingly but he was feeling better and needed to get his load delivered. He left and later that evening had a massive heart attack and passed away. He was 54 years old and was planning to retire next year with 30 years service. A young man in every sense of the word and now his family must try to pick up the pieces of what could have been. I was thinking today about our existence on this planet and how our spiritual sensitivity should always be our priority. Of course, we are to prepare for everyday living in the secret chambers of our intimate prayers and worship with Father; however, it is crucial to actually “use” this anointing to touch others. The idea is to abide within His Spirit and be ready to say or do whatever He is “leading” us to do. This is being AWARE of His presence and our calling to obey is the heart of being a follower of Christ.

We are faced every day with people we know and those we have never met, but it is the moment of “contact” that God can use to accomplish His intentions. It is very common for me to chat with these drivers, listen to their stories and even eat lunch with them. However, in this particular case, here was a man that many people were in contact with throughout that day, yet did anyone hear God’s still small voice to warn him, or witness to him? I personally believe we are so caught up in our own “world” of what we are going to do and what we need to do, that we drown out the tender instructions of The Holy Spirit. I do not know if this man was saved and I certainly pray that he was, but if he was not, he is lost for all eternity. This bothers me a great deal and I am very sad to think that I or someone else could have discerned God’s directions to minister to him. I realize we cannot literally save anyone but we can be a communication “vessel” within the network that God has placed us in. We are not living in contact with those around us on accident – but rather on purpose. Selah. How many people are we walking past everyday and how many divine appointments has God been trying to connect with us that we are unaware of? We have not been called to focus all of our attention on OUR success and enjoyment. We have been called to become so close to God that we can hear Him when He whispers. When we sing about God opening the eyes of our heart, it means that we are pleading to be used and then by faith we are expecting to be used. If we are not looking for divine opportunities then no wonder we are walking right past them! What good are we to God’s Kingdom if we are investing our thoughts and deeds on ourselves? How can God use us as His last day remnant warriors if we are sleeping on the bed of selfishness? Let us not forget; we are NOT earthly people trying to be spiritual, but we are spiritual people trying to live on earth. This is not our eternal home and we need to stop investing everything we have into it! We are only using this body as a temporary shell and this earth as temporary housing, so that we can do “heavenly” labor. The reason why God said the highest attribute of all eternity is LOVE, is that until we develop an agape love for Him and His people, we will not know Him.
I do not apologize for repeating myself, as I cannot escape the urgency I feel for the remnant to be enlightened with the divine understanding of their spiritual sensitivity. At the core of our personal relationship with the Lord and Master of all things, there must be a solid foundation of the reverential fear of who God is and what we have been called to be. The reason why many Christians are not “living their knowledge” is that they have never received the revelation of being aware of God’s constant presence. It is this awareness that will control our thoughts and our intentions. This in turn will “lead” and guide our words and deeds as a direct connection from the Father to those we come in contact with. Our confidence to obey Him even in the tiny things is a part of the big picture of the gospel. Our sincere kindness, compassion, patience and generosity can open the door to introduce Jesus as the loving Savior of souls. “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle and cover it under a container, but they put it on a candlestick; as it gives LIGHT unto all that are in the house.” (Mathew 5:14-15) His remnant will NOT live in a mediocre, “middle of the road” identification. Selah. “And Jesus said unto him, follow Me”. (Mark 2:14)