When Fathers Fail – Nations Fall III

Abiding under the shadow of the Almighty

The issue of discipline has been brought to light over the last 40 years and has been led by the devil’s protest against spanking. His strategy has been to persuade parents to “pet” the monster to keep it happy instead of actually teaching children – even if it hurts. It is true that a child does not enjoy the pain of punishment, but neither do they enjoy the absence of it when they know it is needed, especially when it is has been promised. Selah. Actually a child’s sense of justice actually gives them a happy “relief” when it has been carried out. Why is that? Because it has been created within the DNA of the human psyche to “respect” discipline. It is quite common to hear about children that have returned to thank their parents for the punishment they knew they needed. The problem with today’s fathers is a lack of love for God and of course this has distorted their understanding of “how” to love their family. The Bible teaches that a father who chooses NOT to punish his children with a firm hand of discipline does not really love them at all. “He that spares his rod HATES his child: but he that loves his children chastens them early.” (Proverbs 13:24) Buying expensive gifts for his family cannot be substituted for love. As we have said earlier, the greatest gift that a man can give to his family is to live Godly before them. His legacy is not what he bought them – but how he loved God in front of them. It is much easier to purchase gifts to “buy” their favor while living in sin – than to live holy and do what is right according to God’s plan. How many wealthy men have been hated by their wives and children because all they ever received was a materialistic, generic form of love? Men like this end up regretting their mistakes because they realize on their death bed how they failed to develop relationships and their life had no spiritual meaning.
Wives appreciate and respect the firm and stable leadership from a Godly husband. I sincerely believe that many women have drifted away from the love in their marriage as a result of a weak husband failing to lead them with strength and faith. We can clearly see the Lord’s highest blessing upon the family where the husband walks in anointed power and humility with God. If he assumes his rightful place of responsibility and authority and provides the moral and material resources his family needs, God’s hand will cover and reach into the deepest recesses of each members heart. Mealtimes will be a time of reverence, joy and orderliness. Playtime will be crowned with enthusiasm and happiness. Rest and sleep at night will be filled with safety and tranquility. Children will be eager to help with whatever needs to be done and family devotions will be the high point of nightly family fellowship. Does this scenario also seem outdated and a thing of the past? Again the only thing that has changed is the Christian father’s desire to listen and obey God. Selah. “Correct thy child and they shall give you rest; yea, they shall give delight unto your soul.” (Proverbs 29:17)
I realize there have been thousands of messages that have described the world’s depravity, but what exactly is being done to fight against the tragedy of the deterioration of the family? Millions of people go to church every week but how many are putting into practice what they are hearing? I wonder how many pastors are teaching the practical fundamentals about how to live? Or have they also bowed down to the pressures to compromise with the beast? In order to make church more popular, leaders are allowing the spirit of humanism to contaminate the place of worship by changing the service from God’s agenda to being more worldly “sensitive” to the seeker. As in the family, there must also be discipline within the church or the darkness of rebellion will offend God’s holiness and cause His power and anointing to find another resting place. The Lord will be respected and demands reverence from His people when they assemble in His Name.
Christian families are now being challenged from every facet of society and are bombarded with the darkness and temptations of sin – and the church is not exempt. So what can Godly husbands and fathers do to protect their families when even our public school system has become an enemy of the Christian belief system? Yes, I believe in home schooling but I am not saying this will prevent children from being influenced with secular humanism. Hopefully they will have a strong enough foundation in their spirit to be able to resist these heresies when they are faced with them. Even much of our news is directly from a demon possessed media that fashions their communication in a way that is designed to deceive. So are fathers to move their families into the forest or away from civilization in order to shelter their families from the presence of evil? I do not believe that is possible. Christian husbands and fathers just need to become more serious with their calling than they are with anything else in their life! Until Christian men see that LIVING for God in their everyday life is their highest priority – their families will not flow with the harmony and unity of the Holy Spirit. Fathers must be focused with what is important and let go of the distractions. Instead of spending all of their spare time with what they want to do, the thoughtful father needs to use these times as an opportunity to talk with their children and listen to them. Only when the doorways of trust and honesty are open can the sincere communication be shared and appreciated. This love bond with the fathers and their children is essential to imparting God’s truth – not only with words but especially with demonstration.
Have you ever noticed that in many cases, churches have more women in attendance than men and yet it is the MEN who need the instruction of God’s Word so they can LEAD their families. So why has family men lost interest in being Godly husbands and fathers especially in the last 60 years? I’m glad you asked. Most everything I write about considers God’s absolute truth as the best way and the most perfect choice. Yes, it is true that technically we can do whatever we want, but when our will is not God’s perfect will – it is wrong. The secular humanistic crowd becomes angry when they hear a view such as this because they believe that all “humans” should have the freedom to live their own dreams with admiration and respect. This idea of cultural evolution is NOT from God! In fact it is an insult in the face of the one who created the world and had a completely different plan for mankind. There has never been a time when the masses were holy but I believe there was a time when the average family at least knew what was right and wrong and tried to stand for what was right. Of course there has always been sin, the only difference between much of what is being thrown in our face now is that 60 years ago it was more hidden. However, (for those of us who are old enough) I want us to go back to the fifties and sixties and think about how drastically things have changed within the family. In the days of early television there were many shows that were relatively clean and innocent. For example shows like “lassie” and “Leave it to beaver” at least tried to present a normal view of what was right. I realize these were just some actors trying to portray the middle class average family but there were also a few simple realities that are worth considering. First we notice the Mothers did not hold a job outside the home. It is true that many women entered the workforce in the nineteen forties but much of that was because of World War II. My Mother was not employed when I was growing up and I cannot remember any of the Moms of my friends working either. It was a traditional idea that the wife was to stay home and take care of the house, cook the meals and raise the children. This concept was a “divine” idea because though it was a ton of work, the household became blessed from the wisdom and love of a mother that could take care of every little detail. The virtuous wife and mother (Proverbs 31) worked from dawn till dark to make sure everyone had everything they needed. The men brought home the finances, took care of the maintenance and within the perfect will of God they were the major disciplinarians and spiritual leaders. As God our heavenly Father is to be feared with reverential respect from us His children, the husband as the earthly father was also to be seen as a shadow “type” of shepherd by his wife and children. This is a spiritual mystery that reveals the Omniscience of God’s infinite wisdom that He invested in the blueprints of His creation. The Godly home of born-again followers of His Word are to be as individual holy temples within one glorious tabernacle. The faithfulness and obedience of the marriage and family is the glory of God on earth.
When fathers “lived” God’s perfect will within the family unit, the Holy Spirit could lead and guide the father into the anointing and blessings that are a result of obedience. The wife in turn would have a high respect and admiration for the power of God within her dedicated husband. This anointing produces an authority from God to walk in faith and confidence to speak and do what is right. When the Godly wife would sense that her husband was pure and sensitive to abiding in God’s presence she would be filled with joy in her heart and gratefulness to God in her soul with the fulfillment and contentment of security. This caused the woman to draw even closer to God as she has “seen” and been a witness to the miracle of God’s power to change a man into His image. The virtuous woman of Proverbs 31 does not just happen automatically but evolves over time when she lives under the influence of the Godly man. When she lovingly brings children into the world, she teaches them to cherish their father and respect his wisdom and understanding. It is this RESPECT that causes the children to listen to their father and this in turn allows their impressionable hearts and minds to be a plowed field of good soil where the seeds of God’s Word can be planted deep and watered often. Wives spoke highly of their husbands and were proud of them and likewise children admired their father and had a strong spiritual bond with them all their life.
There was a time when it was rare to hear children insulting their parents and mothers did not try to belittle their husbands in front of everyone or undermine their authority behind their back. As the intensity of discipline declined, fathers lost their respect within their own family! Thus, the foundation of God’s beautiful tabernacle began to crumble and the structure began to collapse. We have said that in the last 50 to 60 years, these cracks in the family foundation were noticed and in turn the churches of this nation also began to suffer loss. The assembly is only as strong as its individual members. Selah. The sin of rebellion has always been in the heart of the carnal nature as there have been several specific movements that influenced and fueled this end-time uprising against God’s absolute truth.
The equal rights movement might have liberated women to be able to have more freedoms but it also conceived a rebellious monster that changed the heart of the virtuous woman and changed her attitude into something God never intended.
The organization of Planned Parenthood was advertised as a way women could regulate their own choices about having children. However the abortion “slaughterhouse” movement was actually just another idea from Satan to destroy God’s creation, give humans the power to control death and deny the innocent the chance to live. No one has the choice to kill an innocent person. It is worth the time invested to read about Margaret Sanger and her philosophies. It is shocking to learn how deeply committed she was to the similar belief system that Hitler also embraced. This exposes our nation’s leaders and the cold hearted prejudice against minorities and the poverty stricken lower class. I wonder how many children were murdered that would have grown up to be presidents, inventors, military heroes, geniuses, teachers, all the gifts, talents and honorable men and women of God?
The rock and roll hippie movement seemed to be just about music but this was only a distraction to open the door to a hellish philosophy that if it feels good – do it! Human nature could not have said it better as it is always looking for an opportunity to be bad. The words in the music revealed the hearts intentions. The freedom to express what they felt was an aggressive form of rebellion, because it was exposing the darkness of the soul, the ugly truth of mankind’s depravity set to the beat of restlessness. Innocence was molested and purity was mocked. When drugs became easily accessible to the masses, the young people became like Eve and listened to Satan lie about how wonderful it would be to live in a utopian world. The devil said that drugs would not hurt anyone but rather allow them to “see” the real truth about love and peace. Now we “see” the millions of young people that have been destroyed by this illusion and the agony of shattered families. Like drugs, alcohol has ruined untold families and destroyed the relationships of parents and children. Adults use drugs and alcohol to drown out the voices of truth because they choose to be carnal. These addictions opened the portals to demonic strongholds of abuse and influenced adults to do things they would never dream of, while listening to the song, “I’m on the highway to hell”.
Of course with hallucinating drugs and the blaring of hell’s music, the doors to premarital sex were not only opened but rather were broken down completely. The teachings of purity and honoring the marriage were ignored and the masses have not looked back. As leaven affects the entire lump, so does a few rebellious people when mixed in with the masses of society. People are like sheep and have a tendency to follow others very easily. What started out as a few delinquents became a movement that grew into an epidemic all because the normal young person wanted to seem “cool” or a part of a new generation of thinking. Everyone wants to feel accepted with the crowd and it will be no different when anti-christ takes control of the world. This freedom to have sex with anyone unleashed the demons of lust and fueled the pornography industry which saw the television as a way to tease the eyes and introduce their sensuous dreams and perverted fantasies.
There is no argument to how severely the television has corrupted the minds of the masses. The arousal of the carnal beast planted the seeds of darkness and eventually grew a harvest of calloused barbarians. Fathers became more interested in the lust for women that wore tight revealing outfits than to call family devotions in the evenings. The guilt of sin in their conscience caused fathers to step away from the sanctification and holiness of being separate from the world. How could fathers pray with their children and talk about God’s Word at night, while having lustful thoughts all during the day? Satan knew that if he could turn the hearts of the fathers away from living with a clean heart, he could dissolve the blessings of the family. This in turn would have a negative impact on the church by filling the pews with hypocrites that were going through the motions of empty religion. God was trying to guide them but many chose to satisfy their flesh instead which caused many families to become dysfunctional. The Lord commanded fathers to help steer the family “ship” but many never kept their eyes on the “lighthouse.” Selah.

When Fathers Fail – Nations Fall II

Abiding under the shadow of the Almighty

“And they brought young children to Him, that He should touch them: and His disciples rebuked those that brought them. But when Jesus saw it, He was much displeased (moved with anger) and said unto them, allow the children to come to me and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God. Verily I say unto you, whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein. And He took them up in His arms, laid His hands on them and blessed them.” (Mark 10:13-15)
This response of Jesus clearly reveals how important children are to God and the high level of responsibility he has called fathers and mothers to have. This image of God our heavenly Father watching over us and leading us each moment is a type and shadow of how earthy parents, (especially dads) are to guide and likewise influence their own children. Jesus was trying to teach us all a lesson about spending time with children in order that they might develop a strong spiritual foundation. It is this “well” of living water within the heart of a child that can be drawn to provide the wisdom and faith that will be needed as they develop into adults. This transformed state of mind will remain with the individual that has been nourished and saturated with God’s Word as a child, and must be “maintained” in order to stay connected with God. Jesus is clearly saying that unless our hearts remain soft and sensitive as a little child, we will not be able to abide in the “vine” of His presence. Likewise if we live without being filled with God or having our spiritual eyes and ears open to His voice, we will not be able to be a part of His Kingdom.
When children are born, they are an open book that drinks in knowledge and thrives on mental stimulation. Children are created with a keen eye and a sharp brain that quickly processes thoughts and analyzes how the world works. They naturally look and listen to their parents and remember even the tiniest bits of knowledge and are shaped by their experiences. I believe that most parents do not realize their role of being a mentor and how the way they live can have such a strong impact on a child. In fact, we have a very awesome promise in God’s Word that guarantees all the seeds of spiritual LIFE that we plant within the heart of a child will grow and produce a harvest of blessing that will bring glory back to God. In the Christians journey of trying to find a ministry or a specific spiritual calling, we must understand that being a role model in the image of Christ is the most powerful ministry one can have. “Train up a child in the way they should go: and when they are old, they will NOT depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)
When parents fail to lead their children in the ways of God, they have no heavenly foundation or Godly seeds of truth that can produce a destiny of God’s perfect will. They may have negative spiritual seeds planted in their heart but this can only reap a dark, selfish harvest of independence. We cannot put all the blame on the parents for raising ungodly children but it certainly places the little ones at a terrible disadvantage. I believe that some children have found God’s truth later in life and have developed into Godly warriors for Christ. This is not God’s perfect will, but His grace and invitation to His salvation is available to whosoever will hear His gospel and respond to His love. His perfect will is for children to be raised with Godly parents and for Christian fathers to mentor their family under the reverential fear of God’s demands to live holy. Why do we say things like, “When fathers fail – nations fall”? Because God is the one true God and He created humans to live according to HIS spiritual blueprints. As the head of the home, fathers are demanded to have as their highest priorities for their own life and to raise their families according to God’s Word. When they are obedient to these instructions the family is blessed and will live with honor. On the other hand, when the father chooses to live in his flesh and ignore God’s warning to lead his family with God’s plan, he will receive curses and judgment and his family will suffer great loss. “Thou (parents) shalt love the Lord thy God with ALL thine heart, and with ALL thy soul, and with ALL thy might. And these words which I commanded thee this day shall be in thine HEART. And you shall teach them diligently unto your children, and shall talk of them (God’s Word) when you are sitting in your house, and when you are walking by the way, and when you are lying down, and when you are waking up. And you are to fasten them upon your hand and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. And you shall write them upon the posts of your house, and on the gates.” (Deuteronomy 6:5-9)
Our heavenly Father disciplines His children because He loves them so much. He desires to see them walk in the blessings and honor that He has provided for them. In the same way, our earthly father exposes his love for his children with how he guides, his involvement and how closely he monitors their development. His extent of discipline reveals his amount of concern and this builds the bond of mutual respect that never becomes meaningless. There is nothing worth more than for a child to know he is loved by their father. Likewise, in the spiritual realm there is no higher blessing than to know God loves us and His presence is always with us.
Children are very clever and it does not take long for them to be able to see hypocrisy. I would say that by the time a child is five years old they have already processed much information and have categorized many of the important basic realities of life. The rest of their time on earth is mainly “adding” more knowledge to these subjects, developing their understanding and creating their own personal worldviews. What many parents have neglected is how important it is to watch what we say and do in front of our children. As Christians we have learned about positive confessions and how our words have the power to literally change circumstances by opening doors to blessings and favor or feeding the curses of defeat. However for some reason many have not realized that words which have been spoken can easily find a resting place within the heart of a child and these planted “seeds” can produce much confusion. For example, if we teach children that we should love people and that it is wrong to talk negatively about them, yet they are constantly hearing us do this very thing, it will no doubt cause them to question our integrity. How can they believe one moment that what we are teaching is true – while the next day we are doing exactly the opposite? This will create doubt in the child not only about who we say we are – but also in general about the way all humans live. This in turn can also cause an attitude of suspicion in a subconscious resistance to trust God. You see, Christian fathers are not just representatives of God’s kingdom to the “world” – they are being more closely watched by those who live with them! Selah. Many people choose to live their lives at a distance from God, not understanding why they have all types of dis-orders and dysfunctions. When finally analyzing what is in the bottom of their “well”, they discover a robust crop of pride and rebellion in their soul. It cannot be emphasized enough just how crucial it is to walk uprightly in front of children and to lay hands on them every day praying and blessing them.
Christian Fathers are not bosses – they are leaders. A boss says, “do as I say not as I do” while a leader guides by living what he believes. Men have been called by God to LEAD their families in the ways and words of the Lord. Amen! In today’s world, women have resisted the idea of the man being the head of the family and have fought for equality to assume half of the decision making authority. Many have said the Bible is “out of touch” with the advancement of our culture but I strongly disagree. God’s Word is alive and remains active and super-natural to create whatever miracles that is necessary to help in any age or circumstance. It is the justification of sin by those who choose to discard a spiritual standard to live by. Selah. I agree that women deserve respect but the ultimate decisions should be made by Godly husbands. Women have gained much power in the home because of their need to work outside of the home and this has caused some imbalance of attitude pertaining to control. Money should not have anything to do with spiritual authority. Most of the time the husbands lack of financial management has brought a heavy burden on the wife to bring in more finances in order to float the desires of possessions. I realize that it is difficult to have a high lifestyle without two incomes but it is also very important if possible for the “nest” to be managed by a “stay at home” mom. The desire to have material possessions on credit has driven the family into debt and in turn has caused the need for more money. Many times this is a simple lack of patience to wait and save – or the lust of the flesh to keep up with what everyone else is enjoying. In both cases it is a lack of spiritual maturity and leadership from the father. Where did we get the idea that men are the head of the homes and women are to be in submission to their husbands? In first Corinthians 11:3 we read, “But, I would have you to know that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is man; and the head of Christ is God.” We also see an important passage in Ephesians 5:22-23, “Wives, submit yourselves unto your own, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the savior of the body.” It is a beautiful miracle to see a Godly father rule his house with discipline as long as it is also saturated with Agape love. The wife desires the spiritual security that a strong husband can “demonstrate”. The heart of a child has also been given the desire for security, but it is much deeper than the safety of a physical structure or dwelling itself can provide; real security is the child knowing that a father and mother’s love will do whatever it takes to RAISE them in God’s truth! Selah.

When Fathers Fail – Nations Fall

Abiding under the shadow of the Almighty

“And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them; every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.” (Mathew 12:25)
“O holy God and Father of all things. We fall on our faces at the thought of the beautiful creation of family being left in the desert to die. We can see the vultures’ circling as the family unit is being ravaged by the wolves of selfishness. We who are followers of your Word are agonizing and aching in our heart for the young ones that are growing up without knowing your truth. Dear God our spirit is broken as we weep for all the children. Our nation is crumbling, love is dissolving, your Word is being laughed at and you are being mocked in the streets. Reveal to us what we can do to reach out and help those who are lost. Teach us to pray – inspire us to pray – give us a burden to pray – give us determination, a vision of your will, empower us, provoke us, awaken us, chastise us, purge us, refine us, and forgive us that we may have YOUR anointing that shakes the gates of hell. May our highest priority become a burning desire to PRAY and OBEY. Help us to be more disciplined to Your Spirit and to let go of all the other things that are tempting and distracting our flesh. We need you desperately! In the holy and perfect Name of Jesus Christ we pray and may all that we do be done for your glory, amen.”
The Lord is always trying to get our attention to inspire us and teach us His truth and occasionally we are in the Spirit long enough to sense when He reveals to us issues that are important to Him – and I believe this is one of those times when I heard His voice. In my search for truth over the years, I have seen in my studies where to lay the blame for much of the problems of our world. It is not rocket science to know that children’s behavior is greatly influenced by their upbringing. It seems the more diligent the parents are to injecting their structural views into the child, the more the child tends to absorb them. The question is always presented as to just exactly what is being taught but nevertheless in most cases the young conscience is usually impacted – with only a small percentage of exceptions. In this observation of our culture and society I am not trying to be cruel, but I believe that fathers in particular have the most significant spiritual impact within the traditional family unit. As marriage is holy and ordained from The Lord, the family is also one of His most precious jewels. When God created man He had every intention for him to be a leader in His world and follow His voice. When God joined the woman to the man as an institution, the wonder of pro-creation established the human family in the midst of His beautiful earth as His magnificent masterpiece. Many would immediately disagree and proclaim that mothers have a greater impact with their children and are more closely bonded with the family as a whole and I would definitely concur that virtuous wives and mothers work around the clock to make sure everything is taken care of, however in God’s perfect plan for the family, they were never intended to be the leader of the home. Women have been given the gift of “nesting” and are designed with vital maternal instincts, but it is the Godly man that is called to lead the woman and uphold God’s divine standard and direction of the family. There are many devoted, hard-working single mothers that labor endlessly to maintain their home and there are millions of single divorced parents that share custody of children and my heart goes out to them and their children because in their attempt to make life work, their struggles are proof that in trying to have divine order, it is like swimming upstream. Broken families are a result of the wife or the husband choosing carnality instead of God! Selah. It is not being critical to say these families are more complex and certainly they all need prayer because these environments deserve their own understanding. But this is my point – when husbands and fathers lose interest in being a man of God, the family will definitely experience a spiritual deterioration! Since man has been called by God to be the spiritual head of the house, the family will suffer in every way even when the woman tries to juggle these divine standards on her own. Yes, give Godly women credit for trying because their love for the family is a driving force within her heart. Praise God for the many women of faith that are doing everything they can to make up for the lack of their husbands interest to lead the family, but it is not a dwelling with God’s original plan of completion until the Christian father takes his place under the holy reverence of God’s perfect will.
I realize the traditional family is becoming more rare and our society now spends more attention and energy trying to relate to the dysfunctional family than they are with what was once considered normal. It does not take a genius to see that in the last 60 years something terrible has happened and with all of our reasons and excuses it is obvious that when we were not looking – deceiving demons slipped poison into the punch bowl. Jesus said, “Or else how can someone enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil (steal) his goods, except he first BIND the strong man? Then he can spoil (rob) his house”. (Mathew 12:29)
It is interesting to listen to Christians when they talk about the moral decline of our nation. The first person the religious crowd wants to point their finger at is the government or the devil. Satan has always been a very popular person within the religious world because he is the villainous liar that tries to do everything he can to ruin what God is trying to do. He has enjoyed all the attention with the popular artwork, and books written about him and all that associates him with death, fear, tragedy, violence, horror, destruction, war, darkness and everything that goes with it. While much of his duties do include disruption and continuous negative influence, he is actually being given more “credit” than he deserves. When we take a closer look at why things happen, many times we can see that something more simple and practical is working behind the scenes. God’s authority is actually controlling events as consequences for the actions of disobedient people that we may never realize. Selah. The great flood, Sodom and Gomorrah and the plagues of Egypt are all examples of GOD’S hand executing His will upon the human race as a consequence of their actions – not the devil! The Almighty God is the great judge that does not compromise but fulfills His promises which includes delivering holy justice for the penalty of SIN. Yes, there is a dark side, a definite dangerous enemy that is trying very hard to lure us into error so that we can make a mess out of our lives but in the case of Americas moral decline, I am convinced that fathers have dropped their guard and did NOT take seriously their spiritual responsibility.
To most fathers trying to do “their part”, it seems more than enough to go to work every day and maintain the yard, the automobiles and pay the household bills. Most people would agree this would be the definition of a good husband and a good father. However, if we can look past the natural realm for just a moment, we can see that unsaved husbands and fathers provide exactly the same. It is the Christian husband and father that has lowered his standards! Instead of being the outspoken disciple of Christ that is NOT ashamed of what he represents, many have cowered down and compromised their faith because the stress and pressure to live their faith is too embarrassing. In some exceptions we can use the word ignorance because maybe they did not have the strong spiritual foundation or knowledge to lead their families, but in most cases I believe it has been a matter of allowing the weakness of their flesh to make all the decisions. You see, husbands and fathers are men and even Christian family men are “vulnerable” to certain things. Satan has targeted Christian men since the beginning of time because as we are saying, they are the “leaders” and teachers of new generations. The devil has figured out that if he can “bind” the Christian fathers with sin, he can scatter the rest of the family and they will become unprotected prey to the hungry lions of darkness. Instead of Christian fathers studying God’s Word and teaching their family about integrity and ethics with regular Bible studies, they made the decision to purchase the biggest television money can buy and to watch it instead. They invited Satan to entertain them every night with images of nakedness, sex, violence and cursing. Television advertises enhancements for greater sexual performance and pours whiskey and beer and living life at its highest all the while the Christian fathers remain mesmerized. Is it little wonder that children begin to believe that sin and hypocrisy is wonderful and even accepted by their parents? These mixed messages of proclaiming to be against sin during the day and embracing it through the television at night has damaged the faith of the last five generations! Amen!
How can we expect the new generation to stand strong in their experience and relationship with Jesus Christ when they have never seen an example of it? Selah. Christian fathers have been so occupied with lusting after young beautiful girls that walk around in sensual revealing clothes that they have put their spiritual calling on the shelf! Movies, magazines and the internet have been designed to erotically “CAPTURE” the hearts of Godly men, and to tempt Godly wives and mothers to fantasize about forbidden pleasures and for children to become indoctrinated as disciples for a humanistic world that declares that truth is relevant to how and what we choose. The devil has never made anyone sin but only proclaims how good it would be if you would just try it – remember the garden? Television allows Satan to promote his goods for the purpose of “replacing” our pure thoughts of God with dirty “visions” of sin. A wife and children respect strength and despise weakness! A lukewarm attitude of a Christian husband and father receives NO respect. In fact, the reason for much of the rebellion from family members is a resentment toward the lack of leadership and discipline within the home! Christian fathers have been called to discipline “themselves” in order to EARN respect from their families.