God’s Love Tells the Truth

Offend me with the truth but please never comfort me with a lie

“But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost. In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe NOT, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.” (II Corinthians 4:3-4)
I would like to continue with what we were talking about last week. This is a very important subject and one that I hope we can all learn from. I am certain that many of us will face this issue at some time or another in the future, and for some of us it may be from our own immediate family. A growing number of Christians are finding that it is increasingly difficult to live peacefully in a darkening world while holding firm the light of truth. Desiring to be accepted by the socially and politically correct leaders of the world’s agenda, Christians are sadly exchanging light for darkness. Of course there are many sins that are tempting the Christian and we know our weaknesses and the pleasures of our flesh that we battle daily, however, in this article I am referring to the particular sin of compromising our boldness to speak God’s truth without fear! Let me say that when ANYONE that ceases to guard against the dangers of this SIN – they are allowing the gates of hell to enter into their midst! This is exactly what is happening in the church today. Christians have let their guard down and become lukewarm in their personal relationship with God and this in turn has opened the floodgates of compromise in the Christian community until now you cannot tell the church people from any other secular organization. You can write it down – when sin is NOT resisted – it always increases! Sin presents itself as completely harmless but is never satisfied. Sin stays hungry and always pushes a little farther until the door is opened completely. Sin has a hidden agenda and operates like an infection! What begins as a tiny concession that looks as adorable as a baby kitten, has every intention of growing into a ferocious beast and devouring you and everything you have including your family! Yet we are seeing a growing number of people who claim to have heard from God proclaim that love is more important than doctrine. The new religious strategy say’s that what people do is none of our business and that we must tolerate them and accept them with God’s love. It is true that we must love everyone – but we cannot have God’s love without God’s truth. Selah.
It is no secret that God’s truth has been attacked through the centuries from a long line of “new thinkers.” Philosophy is one of the oldest passions among humans that can be traced all the way to Adam and Eve. Satan was an experienced philosopher in the garden by denying God’s perfect truth and our first parents fell right behind him when they also compromised what the Lord had told them by creating their own ideas. As the ability to communicate advances, this new generation of philosophers can spread their imaginations and opinions much faster and to more people than ever in history. There was a time when someone would stare up at the sky and have a new idea, then spend the rest of their life writing their thoughts by hand and giving it out one page at a time. The speed at which these pages would need to be re-copied and distributed usually took an entire lifetime, where now mental concepts can go worldwide (viral) within hours. These young pioneers are a part of a new world that is focused on a society of order and correctness. They are proud and empowered by the thought of tearing down biblical truth and re-structuring a new “revelation” that is focused on a personal identity. To these intelligent seekers of peace and harmony, they have become militant as they prepare to dominate our culture with their “interpretation” of the way everything needs to be. Will you choose to stand against it or concede?
Who is to blame for this sad direction? The Christians can take some of the blame for a couple of reasons. The first is not really their fault, because they have been simply outnumbered and in politics the majority rules. What they really can be blamed for is the lackadaisical attitude that has been the “norm” for especially the last 75 years. We have never been a Christian nation from a government standpoint but Christians have “tried’ to be the conscience of society. Of course we realize that many who called themselves Christians were just religiously zealous but in many cases the true Christians did the best they could under the circumstances and tried to raise their children with the fear and reverence of God. However, as the modern age of industry allowed for a more prosperous society, the passion for holiness became more relaxed. The flesh loves pleasure and Satan is always willing to “bless” people in order to distract them from their disciplined spiritual lives. Through the years instead of God’s people praying and fasting, they indulged themselves with the rewards of abundance. Materialism created an infection that caused lukewarmness and it spread like wildfire throughout the Nation. As each generation has become spiritually weaker – in turn they have grown more open to other ways of thinking. The concept of absolute truth was questioned and the older ones have been too lazy and unconcerned to explain its validity. These open minded thinkers grew up and had children that were even more liberal and as you can see the deterioration of solid doctrine has become washed away from a river of doubt. Now we are dealing with a new world of grown-ups that have very little or no memories of God’s presence. Most have not experienced the fiery preaching, the miracle power of God or a personal relationship with Christ. Those who have tried Christianity are now saying that what they were taught was wrong. They are saying that Christianity has failed them and they have been twisted up with their perception of God. But, instead of getting right with God in their heart – they are determined to remove and exchange their outward identification of what they believe a Christian should be. Those that have a religious background have faced the attack from this new social way of thinking and have been challenged in the worldviews they were taught. They have felt the heat of the world disagreeing with them and do not like the persecution. So, instead of siding with God and walking through the fire of rejection, they are abandoning the truth so they can be accepted. Instead of standing strong with God they are selling out and compromising to save their own popularity. Satan has given them a way out – he has influenced an entire generation that was spiritually weak with a fleshly plan to escape the pain of spiritual persecution. They have modified, re-painted and restored the oldest command in the world and now proclaim they have found the meaning of love.
In some ways I do sympathize with these young thinkers, because the religious circus over the years would drive anyone into discouragement. The normal Christian family did not hold strong in their commitment to being serious about God’s Word. They did not become active in politics or their community. They did not pray like they should have and did not LIVE a strong witness in front of their children like they should have. Taking their children to Sunday school was NOT enough biblical training to develop strong Christian leaders! I cannot imagine how disappointed God is with the church world because they went to sleep at the most crucial time, just like the disciples did in the garden when Jesus really needed them to stay awake. Yes, at least the young ones see a problem that needs to be fixed but I believe they are looking in the wrong places. I sense a real danger with a generation that is taking control of the steering wheel when they do not know what they are doing or where they are going. Walking in the flesh is the opposite of walking with God and if you are creating your own concept of God because you hate to offend the world – your dream is going to turn into a nightmare. Hello – the gospel is supposed to be an OFFENSE! This is what causes CONVICTION within the conscience of the hearer who needs the transforming power of Jesus Christ to save them from their sin! When we water down God’s truth, we have diluted His way of awakening the lost by turning His gospel into a philosophic apology.
Love is the strongest emotion in the universe, but to create a “generic” form of it is like turning off the highway onto a dirt road without a GPS. God is THE Master of divine order and His love is a perfect – undefiled love. We do not have the power or authority to reproduce our own version of love or modify His love into something it is not. His love must be used in its original form. You see, He is the one who makes all the rules and we are His servants that are to obey what He says. The New World Order wants to throw God’s Word in the trash can and create their own image of spiritual reality. This may sound good to the masses – but it is a lie from hell! The idea that love agrees with all ideas, while ignoring God’s command to always speak His truth to everyone – even if it offends, is committing the sin of disobedience! Evangelism is the “vehicle” of the gospel and standing for God’s truth is embedded in the heart for the burden for souls. Being afraid to tell the truth is placing our feelings of embarrassment over the CALLING to rescue others from eternal judgment. It would be like being afraid to give an antidote to those who have a deadly virus because they might think we are trying to tell them what to do. If we are too afraid to speak God’s truth, then maybe we should get to know Him better and discover what His Word really teaches. If we change God’s truth into a comfortable lifestyle for the sake of protecting ourselves from harassment and affliction, we are living a lie and making a mockery out of righteousness and the witness we are supposed to be. “Let no man deceive you with vain (empty) words: for because of these things comes the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience. BE YE NOT partakers with them! Proving (demonstrating) what is acceptable (pleasing) unto the Lord. And have NO fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather REPROVE THEM.” (Ephesians 5: 6,7,10,11)

What is love?

Offend me with the truth and never comfort me with a lie

There is a spiritual movement that is growing stronger every day and sadly it is NOT inspired by God. The devil has been advancing in his assault against God and is enjoying the benefits of being able to influence those who do not have a strong foundation of spiritual truth. It does not really take all that much to deceive a sheep and humans have notoriously been recognized since the beginning of time as being very easy to persuade. You would think that Adam and Eve would not have been so gullible but they are a perfect (and original) example of mankind’s inability to “smell a rat”. This latest, modern wave of “spiritual philosophy” is the idea that Christians have been all wrong in their approach to living out the gospel. The new generation sees the world as one large family that is united with a potential to live in total harmony with each other. They have seen how biblical interpretation has caused much division in the religious world and in their opinion – these disagreements are preventing the masses from experiencing the “utopia” of peace and tranquility they believe is possible. Their solution? They say we must stop trying to project our doctrines and worldviews and just do what we’ve all been called to do – love each other. This movement is saying we must stop our criticism and judgment because this intolerance does not express the true compassion and mercy of God. They proclaim that Christians are actually guilty of “hatred” toward others when they refuse to accept ALL views concerning spirituality.
This movement has become so socially and politically strong that most Christians are intimidated to speak their convictions because they do not want to experience the persecution from friends, family, and their community. Christians are shrinking in fear because they desire to preserve their comfortable lifestyle and their reputation for adapting to modern ideas. It’s difficult to grow old because of many reasons, but becoming senile is one thing that senior people do not like to be called. So, instead of trying to stand against this movement, they have chosen to retreat and isolate themselves within their own comfort zone. Instead of going on the offense with the sword of God’s Word and the anointing of the Holy Spirit, they have chosen to use their faith shield to avoid persecution – instead of standing and believing that God will walk WITH THEM through the storm. Selah.
It is one thing to be open-minded and flexible in our world views, however there are some issues we must retain our dogmatic stand or we will lose our foundation of God’s absolute truth. The up and coming leaders of our society are dividing our culture into sections and have an explanation for each group that opposes their New World Order. For example, they believe the elderly community is “old school” stubborn and set in their ways along with being confused, affected by dementia and out of touch with modern knowledge and higher intelligence. The poor and uneducated are another category that are not respected because they say they are ignorant and spend all their time trying to survive instead of reading and learning new ways of thinking. Much of the blame for racism and negative feelings of prejudice are blamed on the simple minded, older generations that pass down their ideas to their underachieving offspring. So, we have a glimpse of how the jet-setting leaders of tomorrow’s world will be able to influence the rest of the population by giving a thorough illustration of how the world interprets reality. Of course many Christians will choose to join ranks with these visionaries that have every intention to “fix” the world’s problems, but there will also be the opportunity to reject these persuasive ideas. I believe those who protest against this diabolical plan to deceive the world will eventually be arrested and imprisoned. Once Satan does away with free speech, it will be against the LAW to disagree just as when the Church of England was backed by the “State” laws of the land and no one could legally criticize the belief system within that society? Soon, the system of the beast will control all that we have, all that we do and all that we say. It will come because Christians fell for the heresy that encouraged them to be tolerant of new ideas – even when they were in direct contrast with God’s Word. It will be said (and already is) that Christians made a deal with the devil and in exchange for allowing the ideas of the dark kingdom to gain power and control, they were betrayed by their own compromise to what they knew was true. Even storybooks reveal to us the dangers of trusting a wolf dressed like Grandma, but many Christians love their cake and want to eat it too. The “average” Christian is neck deep in the world’s system and is fully connected to the grid. The danger about all of this is just how deep do the roots of love for materialism run in their lives? How many would be able to run to the mountains like Job and his family did? If we were told to drop everything we are doing (like Jesus asked the disciples) and leave everything behind – would we be able to do it with joy and excitement? Or will we refuse to let go of the earthly pleasures that bring us security and happiness?
It is ironic that love is what our entire life is built upon – and will be the very weapon the world uses against us. The masses will declare that if we are a true believer, we will embrace the new world agenda because it loves and respects everyone. What they fail to explain is how they do NOT love those who oppose their interpretation of global unity. They do NOT have a clue about God’s love but instead have promoted a generic version of it in order to have power and control. God’s loves every soul – but tolerance is limited in His Kingdom. He does not tolerate any other god or idol and has never said that we should endorse or embrace any idea that believes this. There is only one God and every other object of worship is a direct insult to Him and has been influenced by the devil. Christians can tolerate certain things from the lost because they are blind and have not been enlightened but we cannot accept everyone’s false religion because it would be declaring that Christ is only an option and not the only way. If all religions were the same, Christ would not have needed to come and die and be resurrected. There would have not been the need to pay for and forgive sins so that we might be redeemed from our lost spiritual state. Would it not have saved Father all the trouble from restoring the covenant of salvation if we could have just followed Buddha? Allow me to speak boldly and clearly once again; all who are NOT born-again through the blood of Jesus Christ will spend an eternity without God. There is no such thing as The Lord Almighty respecting sacrifices from other gods. He hates all LIES and every false god because they are trying to steal His glory and is an extension of Satan trying to steal the souls of humans. As Archbishop Chaput has noted, “We need to remember that tolerance is not a Christian virtue. Charity, justice, mercy, prudence, honesty — these are Christian virtues. And obviously, in a diverse community, tolerance is an important working principle. But it’s never an end in itself.” He noted that evil always pushes tolerance until it dominates – then it seeks to silence the truth! We should be mindful when the secular world demands “tolerance for all”, that it really means we cannot have the truth of Christ to live by, because His “standards” require we be intolerant of the sins this world embraces – and that brings uncomfortable conviction from a Holy, perfect God.