Who is that person in the mirror?

Abiding under the shadow of the Almighty



If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then maybe wisdom is “gleaned” with the sensitivity of interpretation. There are many different ways to see things, especially when it pertains to the Bible. It is common knowledge around the world, that Jews have played a leading role in human civilization. It is also a fact they are one of the most hated people on the planet. Having the privilege to be named as God’s “chosen” nationality, is truly a blessing and honor, however, it has also kept them in the spotlight of criticism, persecution and judgment. Of course, the holocaust is a sickening reminder of how this culture has been looked down upon as a lower, “sub-specie”. This horror is a clear example of how racial supremacy can envision nightmares like eugenics as a way of “filtering” the human race. Sadly, this ideology is still alive today and strongly believes that many races should be exterminated in order to preserve and maintain the purity of humanities genetic evolution. This barbaric hatred and delusional prejudice is a result of carnal ignorance that refuses to harness the depravity of a Godless soul.

We have all seen some type of prejudice in our lives and maybe in the past we ourselves have even been infected with it. Nevertheless, in the case of the Jews, we cannot ignore that many have a strong resentment against them because they along with the Romans are blamed for the death of Christ. It is clear that a week before his death, the Jewish community was praising him as he entered the city of Jerusalem. They even laid palm branches before him as they shouted and worshipped his “royal” entrance as their highly anticipated king. Amazingly, a week later, these same followers chose to release Barabbas while unanimously agreeing to crucify Jesus. I realize this is a difficult issue to process in our mind and spirit but before we go any further, let us “reason together” and examine the truth.

First, let us establish that even though the Jews have been selected to be “special” – that is a decision made in the mysteries of God’s sovereignty. I am not sure that anyone understands exactly what “God’s chosen people” contains, but we can agree that He has used them to be examples of ALL of us. This concept can destroy the arrogance of prejudice – IF WE ALLOW IT to change our heart! Making the decision to see the Jews as a “mirror” of our own weakness and failures may be the reason God has held them up in front of the world (like show and tell) allowing everyone to see the REALITY of OUR human nature. It is no secret the Jewish Nation has always struggled with being faithful and has fallen on their face so many times it is embarrassingly surreal. However, this open drama of the riding high in the good times and the humiliation of being exposed as an adulterous, stubborn and rebellious people is actually a representation of us ALL! How many times have we enjoyed God’s blessings and then turned around to chase after sinful temptations? How many times have we seen His miracles and within no time we are found crying in doubt and unbelief? They are not any “better” than we are – that is not the point. The point is that we are not any better than they are.

It is always a sobering thought when we hear someone say that we were (metaphorically) present when Jesus was crucified. If you had really been there, would you have bravely cried out for Pilate to release Jesus? Or, would you have been hiding at a distance when they were driving the nails into His hands and feet? If you had been a part of the five thousand that He fed with the loaves and the fish, where would you have been when He was at Golgotha? It is a very important thing to remember in our journey with Jesus – every single detail of His life, death and resurrection was planned and fulfilled by His Father. Jesus did not ACCIDENTALLY save us from eternal death – He did it on PURPOSE! Seeing this event in the light of God’s holy plan, we can say in confidence that NO MAN “took” His life from Him; no one overpowered Him or defeated Him.

In order for God’s will to be accomplished, the payment of the blood of Jesus was the only possible ransom. There is nothing more precious or more powerful than the blood of the Lamb and in order for all of this to take place the Father had to arrange a situation where humans would willingly destroy their Savior. Jesus was predestined to redeem fallen humanity; however, “WE” as blinded sinners made the choice to kill the messenger that was the Word of life. This same spirit of hostility against God is alive today as the world still despises Him and will never tolerate Him intervening in their affairs. The Jews were just like us and we would have done the same thing because our nature is selfish, dark and violent. That is why the love and forgiveness of Jesus longs to change the hearts of men and women like us.

On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand

“He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High
shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” (Psalm 91:1)



Every religion in the world has a leader and followers. Most of the leaders are dead, yet are still worshipped. If there is one obvious reason to support the view that God the Father, Jesus His Son, and The Holy Spirit, are the one and only true God, it is the fact that He was from the beginning, He is still alive, and He has no end. It is staggering to realize the depth of deception when so many millions embrace gods that were created by man and are not immortal. Jesus came to earth from heaven as THE God, and super-naturally was born through a virgin to live life as a human. He was all God and all man, and His perfect life, death, and resurrection was the only sacrifice valuable enough to redeem and ransom all who will believe and embrace Jesus Christ as their Lord. Unlike any other god or idol, Jesus lives today as Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Omnipresent, which means He has ALL power and authority, has all knowledge and knows every word and every thought of every person that has ever lived – all at the same time. Since no one created Him, this simply means He is the creator of all things, leaving every other religion as an imposter.


If every religion in the world was built on the solid rock of eternal redemption, had the power to forgive sin, resurrect us from the dead, transform our lost spirit into a new spirit, and provide eternal life, it would not matter which religious “flavor” we preferred. However – “Houston, we have a problem”. It does matter! Why? Because only ONE God in the universe has these attributes and qualifications. Every other religious figure does NOT have the spiritual ability to give immortality. In man’s world of false religions, leaders use their charisma and charm as they chase people and beg them to join their cause so that more people can participate and they can become more popular. Man wants to be like God, yet not submit to Him, and the kingdom of darkness is always there to support his rebellion. On the other hand, in our heavenly Father’s perfect Kingdom of light, He personally sends out His “invitations” and must call us, convict us and pull us into His presence by His WORD that we might “see our need” to be born-again. God does not force us, but rather leaves the decision to our free will. The opening of our spiritual eyes allows us to see God and His truth like no other “being” can do. Once again, no other religious icon, entity, idol or god, has the power to change our spirit from its fallen state into a brand new identification. Without being born-again through the blood of Jesus Christ and allowing Him to live in our heart – no person will be granted permission into heaven. All religions that worship anything except The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit will face the judgment of Hades. This separation from the presence of God is not an act of cruelty but rather the justified consequences of rejecting Christ as the one true King of God’s Kingdom and the only Savior of the world. Soon, every empire, ruler, king and kingdom, president, nation, imagination, government, and religion will bow before Him and acknowledge that He is THE Lord of Lords and THE King of Kings. Since there is only ONE ROCK and ONE KINGDOM, there is no room for any speculation, doubt, argument, division, opinions or discord.

Several worldviews have slowly worked their way into the minds of the vulnerable and through the years have multiplied. These growing acceptances of secular thinking along with the rejection of God’s spiritual principals and values have now become a strong influence. As the governments of the world embrace the new age doctrines of social order, we can see that Christian’s are now being recognized as a hate monger. This is not a new strategy for the devil, as he has always been at war with God’s people. Jesus declared openly how the devil has come to kill, steal and destroy, so this should not be a surprise. What is alarming in this hour is the increasing numbers of those who embrace humanism who claim to be the “new and improved” version of what a real Christian is. The dividing line between the genuine and the counterfeit has always been vague, but now the aggressive new age reformers are being accepted by the masses as a “better” church that is much smarter than the old church. For the uninformed, this may seem to break down the barriers between the religious world and those who are not a part of the church community. However, the idea that replacing the gospel with moral and political compromise will somehow increase true spirituality is “deadly” and just another public relations strategy to gain more members and raise more money. Without the foundational truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, there is NO presence of God. Without God’s uncompromised Word, there is NO power unto salvation!

It is no secret that the lost do not want anything to do with God unless they NEED Him. As a minister and chaplain, I notice every day how people live their lives and sadly to say, there is little awareness or sensitivity toward matters of the spirit. It is common for me to go somewhere and for certain individuals to actually shun me as if I am carrying a contagious disease. When dark spirits come into the presence of Christ, of course, they do not agree, and with being in opposition, they will try to avoid confrontation. If the modern church attempts to deceive the “seeker” by not telling them exactly what, “Jesus being Lord” is all about, the motives of their concern are in question. The blind may feel more comfortable where sin is accepted and there is an absence of truth and conviction, but that does not mean this is a genuine Christian representation of His Kingdom.

Nothing is new – religion has always been the enemy of God’s people. Satan spends all of his time trying to wrap religion in different color packages, but throughout the ages, it is still the same evil spirit. Satan has been called the imitator and deceiver that presents himself as someone who is good, as he has always tried to be something he is not. The wolf in sheep’s clothing is a perfect example of how he operates in this realm. Humans, (like sheep) are very easily deceived and the devil has not really had a difficult time convincing most of the people to follow him. His crafty advantage lies in the fact that humans love their flesh and have very little willpower to resist temptation. When they hear sermons that speak God’s truth about holiness, sanctification, sacrifice, suffering, faith, and enduring spiritual warfare, they can easily become distracted and eventually uninterested. The lost world has never subscribed to the “real” Word of God; however, they are more inclined to accept a corrupted, generic version of it. The devil knows that “cozy” religion is much more accepted because it blends perfectly with the fuzzy feelings of doing God a favor. The new ideas of spirituality allow everyone to believe whatever they want and society will enforce that all people tolerate each view. Satan desires to close the mouths of God’s witness because he knows that for the world to remain in darkness, the FIRE of God’s Word must be extinguished. The plan of Satan is to change the way we think by incorporating his lies into everyone’s belief system, to denounce the concept of absolute truth and ridicule the possibility that God’s Word is THE valid “standard” to live by.

Am I saying that no one can have an opinion? No. I am saying that everyone’s belief system that does not agree with God’s absolute truth is wrong. I am sure that we are all wrong in some things but we are also being shaped and formed in the process of learning. Can we know the mind of God and His perfect truth? Yes! When we become born-again, our mind and spirit become renewed to accept a new spiritual truth directly from the Holy Spirit. Within this new state of being, our sensitivity to error becomes our security system to prevent deception. IF we are walking with Christ in a personal, intimate relationship, we will experience conviction when Biblical error is exposed. This is what makes the acceptance of humanism among Christians so alarming. For professing Christians to abandon their faith and willingly embrace heresy, either there has been a falling away of the commitment to abiding with Christ or there has never been an authentic spiritual birth. I personally believe that many people who claim to be saved, have never had a genuine encounter with God. A religious act of ceremony, performed while being emotional, is not always a born-again experience. We do not join membership into God’s family because we feel like it is a good thing to do – rather, we are pricked in our heart with conviction from hearing Christ knock on the door of our heart. We must receive the revelation of what He gave on the cross and that without His redemption we are hopelessly lost forever. Our sin must become repulsive to us and cause us deep sorrow. This sincere repentance and the acceptance of His grace brings a supernatural transformation of our dead spirit to one of eternal life. Included in this new way of understanding is the ability to know right from wrong according to the presence of truth that rules and reigns within our conscience. The idea of Christ being our Lord and King is what establishes our position as servant and friend.

Everyone is laying a foundation and building a house of some kind in some way. Moreover, each person has no choice whether or not to build – only who and what to build it on. “Lord, use our words to stir others to go further and deeper. Jesus, give us a burden to love others. Without you, everything is vague and unfocused. Give us clarity that we may be able to discern these times and like the noble Bereans, to sift truth from error. In the precious Name of Jesus Christ, we pray, amen”.




Since the election is finally over, allow me to share just a moment before we begin with this week’s topic. Many would generally think that Christians were drawn to Romney and that most liberal thinkers sided with the President. Of course, this is not true and to be very candid I am convinced that the entire idea of having an election and voting for the “best” man for the job was nothing more than a political game of “hide and seek”. I did not agree with the Presidents stand for abortion or same sex marriage among other issues but just for the record, Mr. Romney represents one of the most dark, heretical religions in the world that has very little to do with “true” Christianity.

God oversees the governments of the globe and He is the total authority of all things, however the “system” has been modified by Satan to work perfectly with man’s freewill. Politics is all about power and our human nature is filled with the carnal passion to control! There was no “best” candidate because the office is designed to “fit” the system. The world is being programmed and guided to fulfill Biblical prophecy and this includes becoming a total chaotic mess! This condition is happening right now and is literally rolling out the red carpet for the anti-christ. He will come on the scene in the midst of rioting, wars, starvation, violence and global economic collapse, to proclaim that he is the “savior” of humanity. Of course, after a few years of his lies and cruelty, Christ will eventually split the Eastern skies and destroy the armies of this “system” who makes war against Him. I say all of that to present to you a thought; this is not the dispensation realm, where Jesus is the KING of the world. He is the KING and LORD of those who have given their heart to Him. Christians are His representatives in this fallen world but we have not been called to CHANGE its destiny! God’s Word has been written – and it will be fulfilled perfectly because God is PERFECT! We have been called to do exactly what He tells US to do – nothing less and nothing more.
Saint – do not be discouraged because you believe all hope is lost. Just exactly what were you hoping in? The American dream? The ONLY hope for the future – is the individual’s faith in Jesus Christ as His Redeemer! The world is headed for the furnace, but it will be purified and transformed when the Holy City of Jerusalem sits down upon it. In that day, Jesus will rule as the Monarch King of Kings and there will be NO other religious views or political ideas. God’s absolute truth is THE divine reality of heaven and earth and we must stay focused on the Lion of the tribe of Judah. Until then, may we let go of this Luciferion deception and embrace our spiritual calling. Amen.

As I was driving to work the other day, the Christian station began to play a brief meditation. I was pierced with conviction from the few words that were spoken as it mentioned three personal areas in the Christian life that exposes who we are in the eyes of others and of course God Himself. As I turned off the radio, I thought about how I can identify with these problems and how important it is to continue the relentless determination to be a serious disciple of Christ. Our life is not built on “works” but must have a constant, sincere, self-examination to build and maintain a life of humility and purity. Salvation has nothing to do with church membership or denominations but has everything to do with knowing God – and God knowing you.

Our personal relationship with Jesus Christ is what enables us to walk from this life into the next, without any confusion, fear or misunderstandings. We are to KNOW who we are in Christ right now – not hope that He will let us into heaven because He feels sorry for us. His grace is our opportunity to seek Him with all of our heart, even though we do not deserve it. His eternal forgiveness is accomplished with His blood for those who will repent with Godly sorrow. His love covers us with His presence of peace and eternal security, and when we allow Him to become the Lord of our heart, we will learn the revelation of “abandon” and “surrender”. I realize we all have our problems, but these are the very places where God desires that we “deal” with our weaknesses instead of ignoring them. Will we go all the way with Him, or just to the point of being uncomfortable?

1. The driving force to indulge in pleasure.

It is no secret that all humans have a “built in” love for comfort and pleasure and there is nothing necessarily wrong with that, in fact I believe God has created us to enjoy His blessings. Most people are born and raised with basic necessities, and learn the balance of how to work and appreciate the fruits of their labor. The few are born wealthy and never need to worry about financial security, and struggle with taking their good fortune for granted. However, I am not referring to the “normal” way of life as God intended but rather a distorted or dysfunctional practice of pleasure that is used as a “mask” to hide from the real problems that we are buries deep within. One example would be to use the financial blessings of luxury to support the “addictions” of a life of carnal pleasure. Many would say that being successful is a clear indicator that you are smart and have an ability to be a strong leader. This may be true in the business world, but many times, it takes a toll in the spirit realm because God is forgotten and the entire focus is given to what the flesh craves. “Know you not, that to whom you yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants you are to whom you obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness.” (Romans 6:16) When individuals must have the constant flow of the pleasures that riches bring, as in all cravings, the driving desire is rarely satisfied. In fact, the desires usually increase. Pleasure seekers are those who become servants to their flesh and allow their carnality to arrange all situations to produce more satisfaction. Many times children become spoiled when they are rewarded constantly and the same is true with adults that live in a state of incessant indulgence. “Do not allow sin to reign (rule, control) in your mortal body, that you should obey it in the lusts (desires) thereof.” (Romans 6:12) When the flesh is given complete dominance over the mind and spirit, we can refer to its actions as beastly or in other words, the person becomes “possessed” by the undisciplined nature of the beast.

There are occasions when the addiction to pleasure is used as a “pain killer” that eases the misery of something that is making us very miserable. Again, this “masking” is like an instinctive survival mechanism that the mind uses to temporarily bring comfort by using pleasure to cover the pain. The body is always looking for justification to get its way because it is the part of us that receives the most pleasure. This is quite commonly seen with eating disorders, workaholics, sexual addictions, hoarding, compulsive disorders, alcoholism and mind altering drugs, just to name a few. Christians are not exempt from oppression and must deal with all phases of life especially when they are out of balance. Of course, we can ask God to help us, but resisting temptation in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas are the responsibility of the individual. It is difficult to judge our own actions but it is crucial that we use our spirit eyes to see ourselves as God sees us. Our flesh loves to use denial to justify our behavior but that only makes our condition worse. If we think we can do things in secret and get away with it, we are more likely to continue. If we desire to be honest with our own conscience and with God – we will become more dedicated to casting down the sins that grieve our heavenly Father so that we can “overcome” our attachment to carnal anesthesia.

Anytime anyone proclaims to the world to be something, he or she is inviting the world to inspect and judge his or her bold proclamation. Do not be angry or upset when people call you a hypocrite if they recognize that you are not what you say you are. Of course everyone falls short, but if you claim to be holy and live carnally then you really are a hypocrite and should learn from your accusers (and the conviction of the Holy Spirit) that Christianity is more than lip service. A popular philosophy that is running rampant in our secular colleges today proclaims that truth cannot be seen as absolute but rather as an individual decision based on a personal interpretation of information. This presents the idea of no one being wrong because there is no absolute standard to compare us with or definite system of measurement. This of course is a very sneaky and childish way of attempting to manipulate spiritual reality by trying to exchange it for a “Broadway Play”. Anyone that has a brain must realize that if truth cannot be measured – truth cannot be known. Selah. It is the understanding of absolute truth that enables us to learn how to follow and demonstrate spiritual reality. Independent thinkers love to blaze their own trails into the unknown and dream of becoming famous within the vast libraries of human philosophy. This is a clever trick by Satan to deceive the world into thinking they can fool God, while at the same time excuse themselves from personal accountability. When the highway is opened that does not require humans to live within the responsibility of a set “standard”, then there is no vision or inspiration to manifest obedience. The question arises – the obedience to what? My own conscience? The world-view of not having anything to obey except ones personal desires and opinions, comes as no surprise from the dark kingdom that has a reputation for being selfish and rebellious. Many secular humanists laugh when Christians attempt to stand for Biblical truth, but will work tirelessly to promote their own philosophical worldviews as intellectual fact. Satan desires that Christians (which he knows are a direct threat to his success) fold their tents, lay down their Bibles, come to the table of mediation and bring an “open mind”. The hidden agenda of making “peace” with the devil is simple – to water down the demands of God’s Word! This is turn creates a lukewarm attitude that dulls the edges of absolute truth. If our adversary can cause God’s people to lay down their weapons of prayer and praise, He can “slick talk” his religious knowledge into a masquerade called -”compromise”. When the heresies of carnal unity and secular psychology take the place of agape love, holiness and the reverential fear of God, the war is lost. Selah. When faith and the courage to stand for absolute truth are surrendered – God’s people become overtaken in spiritual bondage as a “judgment” for running in fear. Jesus died and shed His own blood for His perfect truth and He expects all who are called by His Name to at least LIVE for His truth! Selah. If His people cannot stand for it – they will not live for it – and will definitely not surrender their life to die for it. He was not tortured and crucified on the cross or rose from the dead, so an unregenerated world of blind philosophers could proclaim their carnal ideas as a socially acceptable, politically correct truth!

God has always known what the lost person would do because His foreknowledge allows Him to look down through the future and see how man will react to temptation. He is very aware of how weak and silly the un-renewed mind operates. Without the Holy Spirit of God working with the transformed mind – the spiritual eyes remain closed. It is only when God “breathes” within the soul of man and the miracle of a new created spirit is manifested, that the spiritual eyes can comprehend the dimension of divine reality. God’s new wine can only be poured into a “new” wineskin. The idea that God can live within a human temple is one of the most awesome miracles in creation. It is the ultimate connection to the holy communication between deity and mortality. This “connection” is with THE standard of truth, and is the central point of what we know to obey. All humans will be judged as to the sincerity of their connection with God’s Word. Those who were not truly connected or modified their connection will be judged according to God’s perfect wisdom. May we as followers of His Name, take our hidden sins seriously and be honest with ourselves. It is time to repent and prepare for what is coming, and be aware of our personal responsibility. This will only happen when we begin to use our spirit eyes more than we use our natural eyes.

“The Savior is not looking for men and women who will give their spare evenings to Him – or their years of retirement. Rather, He seeks those who will give Him FIRST PLACE in their lives.” – William MacDonald
“The weakness of so many modern Christians is that they feel too much at home in the world.” – A.W.Tozer
“Men study to profit in this world, but won’t study under prophets who tell them to “flee” the world.” – G.A. Jarquin




The Christian life is NOT a fight to those who abide by the world’s system of flesh. Spiritual warfare is meaningless to those who do NOT desire to abandon the love of the world or their determination to live their own life. Religious people will not hesitate to refer to praying or their expectation of heaven but our level of abandonment unto God is the real spiritual thermometer that “tempers” our love and prayers. I attended a funeral one time where the minister tried to tiptoe around a difficult situation and in the process delivered an immune message that I am not sure, anyone really understood. I admit that some funerals are tough and this one was, but if the celebration of a life lived for God is not there, the message of salvation should be presented to those who still have a chance to repent and give their heart to Jesus. There was never mentioned the plan of salvation, the blood of Jesus, or the desperate need to be born again. The funeral home was standing room only and no doubt, many needed to hear an anointed message of spiritual reality but instead it seemed he was trying to reassure everyone that we are all just a bunch of good ole boys and girls that will be having field parties in heaven forever. What ever happened to the fire and passion about how much God demands holiness or what personal intimacy within a spiritual relationship with Jesus is all about.

The ministry is a calling to those who will abandon their fears to speak the truth. Whatever happened to the responsibility of speaking GOD’S words and not selling out to pleasing men? Anyone that disobeys God in word or deed is guilty of sin and will stand before God for not being faithful. I know that all of us have blown opportunities to witness for Christ and we need to repent and ask God to help us do better next time. But, how many pastors are intimidated by their members and do not care about what The Holy Spirit is saying because they are afraid that obeying God will cause them to lose their jobs? Everyone wants to hear that all people go to heaven no matter if they were saved or not but doesn’t this just make us more comfortable in our own deceptions? There is soon coming a day when every Christian will be forced to take a stand for their convictions and it will NOT be a time to compromise. Selah.

The modern day prosperity movement is an example of devising a plan to present God’s Word as a “money machine” in order to attract enthusiastic crowds. Deceptive teachers use the truth about blood covenant and obedience and then distort it into a “give and get” doctrine. One ministry is called, “enjoying everyday life” but how can this be when the real message of the cross is the “abandonment” of this life. It is not that God will not bless us with abundance but it is intended as a way to GIVE unto others. If we live the way God has commanded us to live, I see His Word warning us of a lot of suffering, sacrifice and persecution – not a constant party. “YEA, AND ALL THAT WILL LIVE GODLY IN CHRIST JESUS – SHALL SUFFER PERSECUTION.” (II Timothy 3:12) Those who spend all their time enjoying their everyday life of pleasures can hardly relate to practicing the presence of God. The flesh is ENMITY toward God or in other words an “enemy” against the Spirit of God. “For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit. For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. Because the carnal mind is enmity against God (opposed): for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.” (Romans 8:5-8) Unfortunately, these “artificial” doctrines are taught as planting seeds and reaping a harvest so that we might fill our bank accounts and indulge ourselves with the pleasures of the flesh. This is a spiritual principal but is not intended to be twisted into a carnal slot machine. No wonder these churches and stadiums are filled! The religious seekers support and are drawn to those who say things their flesh loves. Remember when Pontius Pilate stood before the angry crowd with Jesus and Barabbas, he had the authority to do what was right but crumbled under the pressure of pleasing the people. However, those who speak the truth and who trust God even unto death, will lead a lonely life of rejection and betrayal. Why? Because very few want to hear about the need to abandon their carnality. “You adulterers and adulteresses, do you not understand that the friendship of the world is ENMITY to God? Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world – is the enemy of God.” (James 4:4)

I noticed a picture in the paper the other day of a gay rights activist holding a sign that said, “It’s ok to be gay”. I am not necessarily picking on the gay movement because actually it is more like the sign was saying, “It’s ok to sin”! What kind of world are we now living? How are we as Christians supposed to react to a crowd of people holding signs that declare that any abomination, perversion or type of darkness and wickedness is acceptable? Are we to just ignore the freedoms and rights of individuals? Are we to tolerate their sin and not worry about what people do in their own personal lives? Are we to get involved with politics and fight against sin and create laws against debauchery? I know we are to pray against the darkness and I know we are to stand for God’s truth even if our own family hates us. Nevertheless, my question is – who has the power or wisdom to declare that sin is acceptable? First, a person would have to disregard the Bible as the absolute truth of heaven and earth and that God the Father of all things – wrote it! So, if you sweep that little problem under the rug, I presume you can proceed with creating your own spiritual, legal and moral system within a brand new world order. BREAKING NEWS! This is exactly what is happening! The now generation has thrown God’s Word out the window, which gives them a brand new platform with a new clean slate. Since they do not believe that God’s Word is socially valid, our arguments against their world are not considered legally conclusive, which is the reason why watered down religion alone can never persuade the spiritually blind. This is the highest pride in the universe and compares with Lucifer’s mentality when he was still working in heaven. He said in a paraphrase that, I am smarter than God, more popular, more beautiful and can do a better job of ruling all things. And now, many are possessed with this same twisted spirit of arrogance. They are born of the dark side and pledge allegiance to the lies of darkness. Only the blind and foolish would declare that man’s limited, mortal and corrupted intelligence is the “right” way to live. For humans that do not consider God’s Word to be true, this statement takes away the absolutes and opens the door for the tolerance of all chaos, confusion and lies. In the minds of those who believe in the philosophy of doing whatever feels good, the idea of living holy unto the Lord of all Kings does not matter. Whenever man does not acknowledge sin as an opposition against the maker of heaven and earth, there is a rebellious disregard for HIS absolute truth. God has mercy on all those who shake their fist in His face and shout that they know more and better than He does – but for how long? The system of the world serves the flesh and is becoming more aggressive with their hatred for God and His Word. There is an old saying, that what is in the well, will come up in the bucket. This perfectly explains how the condition of the heart cannot be ignored nor hidden from the conscious mind. The direction of our lives and the motives behind our actions are driven by the convictions of our conscience and spirit. In addition, for that matter all who call themselves a Christian should have the discernment to realize that the one who knows every thought and who hears every whisper is weighing our intentions.

If we are walking with God, we are filled with His Spirit and His power will renew our mind and ultimately control us. If we are distant from Him, we only have traces of His presence, which leaves us lukewarm and carnally driven. Of course, those who have never been redeemed are cold and indifferent to His presence, are spiritually blind and cannot comprehend His truth. Allow me to pause for a moment and ask you where you are this moment in the levels of spiritual intimacy with Christ. We know when we sense His Holy Spirit and we know when we are living in a state of emptiness. The consequences to being lazy in our praying and worship are a “cooling off” within our spirit, which in turn causes a heaviness that blankets our joy and peace. We all go through times when we become tired of fighting the battle and the daily grind of functioning in a negative world can cause stress that wears us down. Being in a state of “blah” can be denied for a long time but that does not mean we do not know its there. We KNOW when we are sliding backward and we KNOW when things are not right within our conscience. If you feel right now that you have drifted away from being “red hot” but, you are still wearing your, “everything’s ok mask”, just stop for a minute and talk to Him. He is ready to empower us to live for Him and give us the strength to pull away from the temptation to compromise.

Father, I abandon myself into your hands;
do with me what you will.
Whatever you may do, I thank you.
I am ready for all; I accept all.

Let only your will be done in me,
and in all your creatures –
I can pray no more than this, O Lord.

Into your hands I commend my soul:
I offer it to you with all the love of my heart,
for I love you, Lord, and so need to give myself,
to surrender myself into your hands without reserve,
and with boundless confidence, for you are my Father.

Charles de Foucauld




Have you ever noticed how easy it is to not only diagnose someone else’s problems but to (secretly) be convinced of what they should do to correct them? Some might argue that casting judgment is wrong because the idea is that God is the only one who really knows the motives and reasons behind everyone’s actions. But, in the spiritual realm we cannot deny an extension of a holy sensitivity called discernment. While the bible reminds us to pull the beam from our own eye, it also includes the reality of having the mind of Christ, “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus”. (Philippians 2:5) So if we allowed God to transform our mind into His view then we could begin to see our own heart and judge ourselves with HIS wisdom “before” we try to fix everyone else. This thought dawned on me at 4:00 am as I was on the way to work the other day. I was talking to God and just thinking about how it seemed that all problems could be corrected if we could truly SEE OURSELVES. For most of us, we take on the role of psychiatrist except when it comes to us. Why is that? Because we are not listening or watching our actions through the ears and eyes of God, but rather are seeing what we “want” to see.

Stepping outside our self and closely observing who we really are can help us see our self the way God sees us. We have heard of self-examination but most have never understood HOW to do this. When we are looking out of our eyes we see others and imagine how everyone else needs to change. But we must embrace the revelation that it is crucial to “step out” of ourselves and actually watch how we live. In this level of sensitivity we can begin to critique and judge our self with the same standards that we diagnose everyone else. We know that God will judge everyone but if we cannot judge our own life then we must not consider judging anyone else as the Word say’s, “Judge not lest you be judged. For with what judgment (criticism) you judge, you shall be judged: and with what measure you give out, it shall be measured back to you.” (Mathew 7:1-2) It is time to understand how to “spiritually see” and what the request, “open the eyes of my heart” really means. Is that what you really desire in life? If we do not have a burning passion to change into His image and live HIS destiny – it will not happen! I have always believed that it meant to allow us to see more of Jesus but maybe we can only see as much of Him as we have advanced in our spiritual relationship with Him. Moses wanted to see more of God and I believe because of His faith and humility he was allowed to see more than the average follower. Again, if we are only looking “out” from our eyes we may miss the most important “inward” miracle that needs to be manifested and that is Christ in US the hope of glory. Let us step away from our self to “see” if we can notice Christ in us. Since we are so sharp in discerning and deciding on how people are, why would we not be excellent at knowing what our faults are and how to correct them? Isn’t this what “change” is all about? If we could develop a higher level of awareness with what we say and do, maybe we would be disgusted to the point of not wanting to be that person anymore. If there is even a spark of Jesus in us, then it would give us and those who see Him the blessing of God’s glory and presence. Just because we are saved and have His Spirit within us does not mean that we will automatically shine with His glory. Jesus is “revealed” when we make a conscious effort to be like Him! This will only happen when the passion to change becomes greater than the desire to remain the same. Selah.

One major reason why people have never truly seen themselves is because they have never really seen or known Jesus. I am not referring to the natural eyes but the eyes of the spirit. Do you ever meditate about Him and try to focus your attention on Him with your spirit? It is difficult to concentrate on someone we have never seen or audibly spoken with but that is exactly what is necessary if we are to grow strong in our intimate relationship with Him. What is all the hype about “vision” in the Christian vocabulary? And just what are we trying to have a vision of? Well, the idea of vision might be packed with many things that we dream about doing or would like to see accomplished but allow me to say; if our vision and spiritual expectation is not to “see” Jesus with our heart and learn how to be like Him, then our vision has fallen into a lower place of significance. If we continue to climb upward on the steps to heaven and continue to grow and build on who He is, we will by His gracious love be transformed into His image.

“And Jesus, when He was baptized, went straightway out of the water: and lo, the heavens were opened unto Him, and He saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon Him: And lo a voice from heaven, saying, this is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased”. (Mathew 3:16-17) Why was Father pleased? Because Jesus did everything according to God’s will! Not as a robot – but as someone who’s eyes and heart were fixed on God. He was all man – all God, and as a man He had choices to make, He had emotions and a free–will just like you and I. He was not on vacation, visiting earth and showing off His miracle power just so He could be popular! He was demonstrating as an example to us how to live and what was also “required” of everyone that professed to be a follower of His Kingdom. He kept His spiritual eyes on the prize of the high calling and did not allow His flesh gain the dominant control. Our un-renewed mind is the carnal control center that gives the orders unless there is a change in command. Selah. As a person looks deeply “into” Christ (which is The Word) they will see how the purity of His brightness reflects not only how we are – but how He dies for us to be. Is this why most everyone does not want to seek His face? Now we know why religion is so much more popular than being a disciple. Oh, we don’t mind to do things for the “cause” or give an offering but that is not the same as “pursuing” Him. It is very sad that most Christians are not really interested in seeing God at all or even thinking about Him because they do not want to change. Most people want to live life exactly like they are and then add a little religious morality to it. This is a great way to customize our own version of what we feel good about but it is a far cry from surrendering our will and following God’s planned destiny for us. When we “create” our own little world of comfort and security we fall into a deceptive role reversal. He is supposed to be the potter and we are to be the clay but if we make all the decisions and build Him the way we want to imagine Him then we have made Him in OUR image. When He has been reduced to look like us and accept our choices, we can now understand how the masses are “blind” to their need for personal change. “Many will say unto me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? And in thy name have cast out devils? And in thy name done many wonderful works? And then I (Jesus) will profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, you that work iniquity (sin).” (Mathew 7:22-23) What happened? How can this be? The following passages talk about how crucial it is to build our life on the foundation of God’s truth but these people believe they did! So, what or who were they focused on? Obviously they were not looking to Jesus and consequently could not or refused to see their own reflection in Him. They did not know who they were IN CHRIST because they did not know Christ! It is time to take a personal inventory and make sure we are WALKING in His Divine reality. Selah.