Did we vow to give God all of our heart?

Abiding under the shadow of the Almighty

“Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.” (Psalm 51:10) What does it mean to renew a “right” spirit in us? It means to STAY in an attitude of repentance because is so easy to become side-tracked. A right spirit is one that sees and hears clearly and has not allowed the filth of this world to distort or distract their love for God. Everyone needs to realize and accept that God will only come in and do a work in us, when we open the door of our heart and surrender our will. If we do not recognize that we have a problem or a need to be cleansed, we will continue in our deception which means that we cannot “see” we are going in the WRONG direction. Thus, when the Lord has mercy on us and The Holy Spirit tries to “awaken” us from our trance, hopefully we will respond to His mercy and repent. This act of sorrow that begs God to forgive us for being hard-headed is the desired path toward being purified in the fires of His holiness and being “renewed” in our spirit by allowing Him to purify our conscience.
Holiness is about being “willing” to be broken. Pride is not just something that hinders us – it has every intention to absolutely ruin our life. Thank God, it can be distinguished when the calming waters of humility are poured upon it. Pride blocks the vision of the eyes of our heart and convinces our mind to walk according to the eyes in our head. Selah. Pride invites all the attributes and fruits of carnality to rule the heart and govern with authority. Pride closes our spiritual ears until we become “possessed” with satisfying our own desires. Sadly, most people fall in love with their sin and do not want to “break-up” with the idols of their obsession. They hold their fantasies tightly and keep them protected, hidden, secret, and secure within the deepest recesses of their soul. Allow me say, if we are NOT serious about living pure – let us stop thinking and talking about what a great Christian we are! If we are dirty on the inside and yet acting like we are walking in His Spirit, we are a hypocrite and a shame to the Kingdom of God. Not having knowledge is one thing, but purposefully living a double life of religious mockery is a dangerous condition of existence. We are dancing with Satan at a masquerade party and in our deception we are the fool. God sees all of us exactly the way we are and is filled with mercy; however that does not mean He compromises His truth or His judgment against what we know. We are not “getting away” with anything!
I had a person (who is close to me), comment about my ministry the other day. They said that in all of my songwriting and article writing there seemed to be a consistent message. They said that God is saying the same thing over and over except in many different ways and the focus is about the intentions of our heart. The contents of the conscience is who we really are, and reveals everything about us. I thought about this statement and I must agree that in the last 30 years, God in His graciousness and patience has been trying to tell me how much He wants ALL of my heart. Not just my heart – but everyone’s heart. I know we wiggle and squirm because it is uncomfortable to think about laying down our secrets and the things we do that are not right but I believe if we desire to have all of God, we must give our all to Him. Selah. Remember, covenant is a vow of the soul and that includes complete honesty and trust. Of course we believe God is honest and we trust Him – but are we honest with Him and can He trust us? We confess and claim that what He has is ours, but we pick and choose what we want Him to have.
I have mentioned Godly sorrow many times in the past but I wonder how many really know what it is. As a Christian, have you ever done something or said something and after it was over, you felt convicted? Have you ever felt heaviness in your soul over a sin or just felt distance from God and you tried to shake it off but the misery just would not go away? This is a glimpse of the sorrow of sin. Godly sorrow is a blessing in disguise because it allows us to feel a little of what God feels. If we realized how much it disappoints Him and how it hurts Him when we obey our flesh, it would definitely help us to maintain an awareness of His presence. Why do we run away from dealing with Godly sorrow? You guessed it – we are a people of great needs and the one most lacking is humility. If we choose to sin, pride allows us to think we can handle it. For some reason we have bought into the idea that a little sin here and there will not affect us. This is a huge lie! Let us consider this revelation found in 1st Corinthians 5:6, “Your glorying (feelings of confidence) is not good. Know you not that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump?” Pride hardens our conscience until we submit and decide we do not really need to commune with God. Pride presumes that all is well with our soul without ever considering the possibility of being deceived. We become convinced that our attitude toward Him is not having an impact on our standing with Him. He may love us but is NOT obligated to saturate us with His blessings or His presence. In 1st Samuel 2:30, the Lord spoke to Eli in his backslidden state and said, “for them that honor Me I will honor, and they that despise Me shall be lightly esteemed.” This does not necessarily mean eternally lost but rather God chooses to back away and not intervene as He would if a person was completely dedicated and obedient to His voice. The Bible is clear that if we draw near to Him, He will respond and become as close as we desire but the same is true if we forsake Him, He will take the hint that He is not wanted and will allow us to do things the hard way. It is in humility that we stop the madness and pull away from the chaos of Babylon and sincerely search into the depths of our heart. If we are willing to discern truth and not continue to sugarcoat our “rose-colored” image, we may discover that our conscience contains things we need to examine closely. Father is doing a work in His people right now! He is preparing His children not just for a one way ticket to paradise – but so they might be transformed into His image NOW! There are spots and wrinkles in our bridal garment and He is beckoning us to His brazen alter.
Worship is an avenue of communication that God has designed to bring us and keep us into His spiritual reality. Singing songs are not always necessarily worshipping God the same as doing religious activities are not always led by God’s Spirit. The act of worshipping God is an automatic confession that He is the Master and we are the servant. It is the picture and symbolism of humility to bow before the Lord and God of all things. Our flesh hates to surrender the power of authority because it knows when we worship God we are denying the temptation and influence of the carnal nature. In order to worship in “Spirit and in truth” there needs to be the sincere attitude adjustment that realizes what is required within our heart. We must lay our will down before His feet and acknowledge that He is our Lord and King. This concept of “decreasing” is crucial to the revelation of exalting and adoring God in the beauty of holiness. When the writer penned the words, “He must increase (become more important) but I must decrease” (John 3:30), it is clear that our attitude determines whether we are just going through the motions of a religious experience or serious about living with God in the realm of reality.
I do not really want to talk about sin – but I need to pull back the covers and reveal its ugliness. We do not want to face sin that we have not dealt with. Selah. It is no deep revelation that when we have secret sin and problems that we do NOT want to settle, we hide in the shadows of their oppression. I feel led by the Lord to clean behind the refrigerator so to speak. This is the time where your flesh may remind you that you need to go feed the dog and since you do not have a problem with sin, you need to go do something more constructive. But, if you are determined to be totally committed to Christ and are willing to allow Him to purge you and remold you into His perfect will – then crawl on the operating table and let the “Doctor” do some heart surgery. (By experience, I can honestly say you will be filled with joy when He is finished). Here is a brief glance at carnality and lust.
CARNALITY – If you can envision sin as a tree, carnality is the roots and the trunk. Carnality is embedded in our old nature and works hand in hand with the un-renewed mind. This dark enemy influences our thoughts and loves to steer, guide and control the ship. Jesus came to destroy the works of carnality. When Christ was invited into your heart to be THE LORD and Master of your life, there was an understanding according to your holy VOW before Him, that we would NOT allow carnality to rule us anymore. The symbolism of the death, burial and resurrection of Christ within us – presented a picture to heaven and earth that our old nature had been declared dead and now Jesus lives IN US as the hope of glory. You see, there is NOT room for “two” kings upon the throne of our heart. Jesus came in and our carnality was put to rest – right? Well, what the churches failed to explain was that our carnality is only as “dead” as we determine him to be. Selah. Evidently the grave yard is a busy place at night because many Christians have been seen going in and digging up their old nature. I will be the first to admit that I have struggled with my carnality. Well, maybe struggle is actually not the correct word to use. If we are honest, I think it would be more like inviting our carnality over for dinner and joyfully entertaining him. How can this be? Because we have the free-will to take the exit off the interstate and enjoy the scenic route of “intentional” sin. This is not just an insignificant bruise, it is a full blown infection that has the authority from God that gives Satan jurisdiction to kill, steal and destroy our life. How many people have been ruined by this two-faced way of living? What the church needs to teach is that holiness is not something that automatically surrounds us with a force-field of Godly attributes. It is our responsibility, our desire and our determination to walk with God in the fullness of His Spirit. Our level of sanctification depends on how much we desire to abide in His presence and enjoy the liberty of being pure and holy in His sight. Carnal Christians are lukewarm hypocrites. Selah.
LUST – Lust is one of the major branches of carnality and is not limited but is mostly concentrated within our sexual desires. I believe men have a very difficult time with lust because they are stimulated by visual images and were created to be the aggressor. As an extension of carnality allow me to read some of its definitions. Animal, brute, fleshly, worldly, earthly, material, non-spiritual, sensual, sexual, erotic, lecherous, lascivious, bodily, physical, licentious, lewd, concupiscent, voluptuous, libidinous, carnal knowledge, of the body or flesh. It is clear from these words that lust is the opposite from what God has planned for His people to represent. Lust is always chasing for control that it cannot attain, thus the meaning is perfectly described in the popular rock song, “I can’t get no satisfaction”. Lust has the very powerful wants and needs to be worshipped but is not really interested in demonstrating true love. We are not to lust for other people in a sexual way and as a matter of fact we are not to lust for respect, power or anything else from the world because this attitude is birthed in selfishness. We might lust for fame and brood in our secret thoughts about being someone we are not or whatever the case may be, but something in our heart is not right. Lust lives in the world of fantasy and its visions are usually just mirages and dreams that will never be fulfilled. Even in marriage, lust is not the same as strong affection. Being attracted to your mate is absolutely normal and a very good healthy state of mind that is a foundation for a spiritually bonding relationship. However, when our love becomes lust, we must repent and not allow the beauty of holiness to become corrupted with anything perverted that God would not approve of – including wrong thoughts.
The Christian cannot afford to live in the world of lust but unfortunately, many Christians are held in bondage to its powerful temptation. Many men and women are not satisfied with the level of stimulation within their marriages and are vulnerable to the temptation to meet their needs with something or someone else. It is a place of torment and misery that has no peace with God. We cannot mix our responsibility to remain pure at the front door of our heart, while secretly inviting lust to come in through the back door and expect God to understand or tolerate it. Our sins of lust may seem to go unnoticed for a while but I assure you they are not being overlooked. God will close and lock all doors of ministry because He cannot trust us. He will move farther away from us and that includes His anointing, peace, blessings, and protection. Are you feeling frustrated, are you struggling, depressed, sad and miserable? Have you kept your vow to give Him ALL of your heart?




As Satan goes about trying to “rewire” our conscience, anyone that is walking with God can see that in the last 50 years our Christian standards have become anemic. “And be not CONFORMED to this world: (Satan’s idea of independence) but be ye TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your mind, (surrendering your will) that you may prove what that good, and acceptable and perfect will of God.” (Romans 12:2) Depression has become very widespread with the common diagnosis generally considered an imbalance of our hormones and chemicals, and in many cases, I am persuaded to agree. This intricate matrix of electrical codes is considered one of the most highly complex grids of intelligent design. When it is functioning correctly, it should be regarded as one of God’s greatest miracle of creation, however when there is system failure, it will effect the entire “machine”. No doubt, our diets have most likely contributed to the depletion of many important nutrients and minerals intended to sustain a higher degree of overall health and with increased physical exhaustion along with an elevated emotional stress level, our overloaded central nervous system causes the body to become like a candle that is burning at both ends. As our “temple” labors to release the constant, perfect chemical mixture of a mini laboratory including a complex, immunity security system, it would seem likely that when the body works overtime with very little rest, there will be neurological malfunctions and breakdowns. Our lack of “rest” as a preventative maintenance in the physical, mental and spiritual areas of our bodies has been proven a deciding factor in most cases. For instance, many believe the Sabbath was created as a day of spiritual, mental and physical REST for allowing triune man to relax our mind, rebuild energy and increase our spiritual sense of inner peace. Fasting not only sharpens and increases our spiritual sensitivity; it gives our tremendously overworked digestive system a time to shut down and be still along with a “time-out” for our exhausted mind. The Sabbath is established for being thankful, meditating, praying, worshipping, listening and clearing our conscience because Father knew we would need it to maintain the perfect balance of work, enjoyment, clarity, contentment and peace. As keeping low miles on our vehicles helps them last longer – our quiet rest is God’s idea for practical preventative maintenance.

I want to say that it is not my intention to oversimplify or disallow legitimate malfunctions of glands and organs that cause infirmities. Nevertheless, the probability of our mental and spiritual influence on our physical bodies is very real and this is adding or possibly causing many of the health problems we experience. There are consequences to our actions! This principal law of nature needs to be incorporated into our health education instead of handing out prescriptions of “serotonin reuptake inhibitors” like candy. Of course, the rulers of this world have designed effective “devices” and snare traps to keep “spiritual heart disease” and the variety of mental disorders that are associated with sin – a secret. Satan is successfully implementing the idea through secular psychology that taking medications to help us cope with living is normal. God’s Word demands that people examine their heart in the light of God’s Word, but society has thrown His standard of living out the window. Our culture does not believe in sin, which means they do not have to deal with it or feel guilty about it. Carnal man knows that God’s Word exposes the darkness of his heart and since he was unwilling to repent, he just discarded holiness as ancient legalism. So now with a brand new philosophy that promotes freedom to do whatever feels good, he spends all his time concentrating on how to generate “guiltless” pleasure.

Many are held prisoner in their own mind with lies that directly effect how they feel about themselves, society and God Himself. I have completed the courses and training in the principals of theophostic counseling and psychological first aid and have seen first hand how effective this ministry can be. When people become truly connected to God and begin to understand the revelation of who they are in the spiritual realm, they will experience a positive mental and physical change. Unfortunately the masses of western culture have been misled into the idea that every problem has a quick fix with nothing more involved that swallowing a pill filled with a synthetic pharmaceutical. When those who DESIRE TO SEEK man’s methods of healing choose to step back and see a more complete picture of spiritual warfare, they will find covenant mysteries that will lead to a greater revelation of God’s power.

Many would find it hard to believe but it is most likely that our modern society is being drugged for reasons the masses have not considered. One sobering reality for us to never forget is the objective of our spiritual enemy to shut down the ability of our temple to receive communication from God and our intimate relationship with Him. Satan’s mission has always been to break our heavenly connection to our Heavenly Father by filling our lives with distractions, pleasures and worries. As our neurological stability continues to erode we are finding increasing amounts of adults and children being herded into a fog of nothing less than a drug-induced form of mind control. From a military perspective what better strategy to subdue your enemy than to disable your opponent from the inside out, by taking away their ability to think and discern? Could this be a part of the strong “delusion” that was spoken of in second Thessalonians 2:11? The importance of having a strong spirit life is that it acts as a “defense system” against the spiritual attacks that we face. Without this protection our mind is left vulnerable to be sabotaged with a deep sense of hopelessness and heaviness. Many just want to attack people with their Bible but are not defending their own conscience! Selah.

Secular psychology has always thought they could “fix” the human conscience and not be dependent on the creator of all things. Many humanists that labor in the field of modern science and mental health have become filled with pride and blind to the reality of absolute truth. Like those who tried to build the tower of Babel with dreams of power and control, they work night and day in their precious laboratories and classrooms trying to figure out how to bi-pass God and discover the secrets to the perfect world. How many are racing to find another trillion-dollar SSRI antidepressant? Think for a moment about who would desire for the masses to walk around as a numb, desensitized zombie? Could it be possible that a higher spiritual entity has influenced man to become the great healer and savior of his own destiny with pharmaceuticals and humanistic psychology? The masses still cannot perceive who is in charge of building the hype and false promises of a better life all the while denying the existence of intelligent design. How could anyone not see a deceiving conspiracy that offers an improved personality, happiness and balanced emotions without mentioning a spiritual transformation? Nothing would please the kingdom of darkness anymore than to possess a world of robots because the events that are coming in the near future will be so bizarre that the majority of the world would have to be in a partial coma to accept them.

The Christian’s conscience and spirit is the command center for meditation, prayer, understanding, sound judgments and wisdom, so obviously we do not have to wonder why it is also the target of attack. Those who comprehend the workings of the spirit realm know if the enemy can control the mind, he has won the war without firing a shot. It is a fact, the personal battle against evil as well as the decision to dedicate our lives to Christ is made in the deepest places of our consciousness. This is also where our internal true self resides and functions, where we fellowship with God, receive His instructions, meditate, grow and mature in His word. Christ was crucified on a hill called Golgotha which means “the place of the skull” and that is exactly where we must surrender our nature and will, so that our spirit can accomplish God’s desire. If this secret place of refuge is disrupted, our spirit life will fall into a very serious and dangerous condition. Staying sensitive and focused on this higher realm will allow us to stay tuned to His voice while at the same time separating us from the “pull” of this worlds system. Our lack of respect and understanding for this spiritual reality has led to the downfall of nations, kingdoms, empires and the eternal futures of countless individuals. It is not judging to say that hell is filled with millions of souls and that millions more are waiting to join them – it is a fact! Satan’s influence is not a “powder puff” hindrance but rather a deadly plan of attack that has been studied, discussed and tested since the creation of Adam and Eve. What will it take for us to realize the kingdom of darkness is trying to destroy us so that we will never finish the race that God has called us to run? The answer is in the gathering of perfect truth and more importantly the revelation of that knowledge. We need to not just know about Jesus but we must “abandon” the chains of carnality and sin so that we might know him personally. An individual must become a seeker of spiritual truth and desire to discover the mysteries of the highest reality, which in turn requires the discipline of serious study and prayer. Selah. Unfortunately, we conclude that very few people really care about life after death or growing their spirit to be the strongest of the three parts of their being. People generally do not want to sacrifice this life to inherit the next life – but YOU are different! You have been called out of this worlds system. You are faced with a very strong “resistance” because of the power of the light within you. Resist the confusion of this life and invest your energy into helping others know Christ. Protect your mentality at all cost because every thought and image is recorded and stored for either good or bad. Do not allow the media to overwhelm you with the negative flood of lies, deception, fear, despair, discouragement, sadness and disappointment. Satan wants to fight us and defeat us in the battlefield of the mind and he has an arsenal of mental and spiritual weapons of “mass destruction” to use. Alarmingly most people do not even realize they are already captured as a prisoner of war waiting to be executed. Selah.

The mind and the eyes are fragile and tender. Be careful what you look at and what you hear. More medicine is not always the best answer because medicine cannot heal the spiritual reasons for spiritual problems. To mask our emotions, our past hurts and pains, our doubts, fears, unforgiveness, resentment and pride without dealing with the “root” cause, would be like wrapping an ace bandage around gangrene. Man cannot save us or heal our soul – they can only hold our hand and agree in faith with us in prayer. Jesus the great physician does not desire to dull or mask our pain but rather He is interested in going to the reasons why we are suffering. He is the balm of Gilead and desires to do a COMPLETE work in us but we must allow him to have His way. In many cases pharmaceuticals are the enemy’s way of “preventing” us from dealing with the real sickness in our spirit and sadly most people would rather take a mind-altering drug so they can continue living a self-absorbed lifestyle. The popularity of any type of addiction that leads us into a dream state is for the purpose of running away and escaping the absolute truth of God’s divine reality. This is exactly what popularizes alcoholism and other sinful addictions where people choose to “hide” from the responsibilities of holiness that are known within the recesses of their conscience.

The Lord created the spirit to be in charge of our mind and body as it states, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind” (II Timothy 1:7). We are seeing the inability to discern right from wrong because the enemy has infected the mind with lies and polluted the heart with the fruits of carnality. We as Christians cannot become distracted with the pleasures of this world because souls are dying without Christ! How can someone truly believe and not be a fanatic that warns others of certain danger and spiritual judgment? If a deadly plague broke out and you had 500 gallons of antidote would you help others or pull a blanket over it and act like you didn’t know where it was? What is the difference between that and knowing the truth and keeping it a secret? There is a time to speak and a time to be silent but there is never a time to fear speaking the truth in the spirit of love.




Before we get started, I just wanted to share with you some minister opportunities the Lord has provided. After a series of events, I was asked if I would be interested in becoming the chaplain for the Jessamine County Fire District. After praying about it, I felt God’s peace to go in that direction. There had not been a chaplain in the district before so the vision was presented to the board of trustees by the chief and assistant chief of the department. I was unanimously approved a couple of weeks ago and I look forward to helping in any way I can. I believe there are endless possibilities to minister Christ to these men, their families and the community. In addition, I am in the process of becoming a member of the Kentucky Community Crisis Response Team. Along with my education in pastoral counseling, extensive crisis training will be provided so that I can help minister to not only those who are being directly affected from a disaster but also those who are assisting. As we know, the days ahead will become perilous and this could be a “field” for divine appointments. It is not “our ability” to know what to say or do in this life; it is ONLY the powerful anointing of God’s Word and Holy Spirit that has the power to save a soul. Thank you for your prayers as I plant the seed of the Gospel. “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believes; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.” (Romans 1:16)

After several weeks of seeking God’s will about the direction of “The Walk”, I feel in my spirit to NOT spend the rest of the year writing about politics. The Lord has been giving these weekly messages to me for a while now, and the only reason they are even worth reading is that He anoints them. As I stay close to Him and listen to His heart, the words flow so smoothly and I sense His peace as I write. However, in the times that I have chased rabbits concerning things that I know little about, I have found that it is easy to become sidetracked. I have no doubt that all of us know very little about what really goes on behind the scenes of politics and I feel that if I invest large amounts of time and energy trying to express and expose political views, that I will hinder the anointing along with causing unnecessary division. Lately, I have been reading some very astounding material concerning the founding of our nation and the influences of our political leaders and have been very stressed out and discouraged. I was in tears the other night as I was reading about the dark shadows that have been present in the background of our nation’s authorities. It is these disturbing emotions of discord, hopelessness and being “cast down” that I sense to be coming from the enemy. I sense a danger of drowning in the flood of words that is being unleashed upon our conscience. Why should we subject our peace with God to the intrusion of filth and deception? It is nearly impossible to keep from discussing politics with people everyday but I have discovered that hashing the issues does NOT edify my spirit. Does this mean that I am weak and cannot handle being involved with the issues of truth? Not necessarily, because I can choose to become saturated with world events and board a “one way” flight to stress and anxiety just like many others. What I am saying is that my relationship with Christ is so precious and being sensitive is worth much more to me than focusing all of my attention on things that I cannot change.

Now brother, we are to have faith that our involvement in politics can make a difference for Christ. I am not saying that prayers of faith are useless in this society; I am saying that we should hear God’s voice FIRST, before we speak. It is imperative that we be grounded in God’s Word to know right from wrong but it is also just as important to know God’s TIMING about WHEN to say or do something! Prayer is not just a collection of nice phrases – prayer is coming into an agreement with what God desires and moving when He says to move. Father already knows what is going to happen in the future of this world because His omniscience gives Him the divine power of foreknowledge. It is not profitable to pray against what He has allowed or decided. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and this reverence for God’s ability to know how to handle everything is a result of “knowing” God. Selah. I believe we should vote and pray for our leaders but we also cannot deny (as the song says) that He has the “whole world” in His hands. For those who are walking with God and are discerning His truth, it is clear to see good and bad. If you and I are really walking in His Spirit, you do not need me to confirm what you already know! In addition, you do not need another avenue of communication to repeat the same knowledge that you can learn – if you choose to do so. If you desire to know the “real” history of the United States, nothing is stopping you from researching it. If you want to listen to political opinions there is talk radio, news magazines, editorial sections of the newspapers and numerous television programs that pour out political views, rumors and stories constantly. In this world of violence and desperation, we must find our secret place with God and run into Him like a strong tower where we can be safe.

Have you ever watched the news at night and with being bombarded with so much bad news that you felt your countenance drop? If I cannot sleep at night because I am so mentally tortured with the condition of the world, I must get a hold of myself and find the peace in Jesus that passes all understanding or I will begin to weaken. This is not something that God is going to MAKE us do, but it is our responsibility to maintain and “GUARD” our high level of spiritual love, fervency and hope. Prayer, worship and Bible study are NOT options in the overcomer’s life! They are mandatory “logs” that we need DAILY to keep the FIRE of the Holy Spirit burning red-hot! I know people that are so consumed with political issues that it is affecting their physical, mental and spiritual health. I do NOT want to become another messenger of fear and discouragement as I believe there are enough of them already. The point is, I feel that I have been called to bring strength and nourishment to those of you that are serious about living for God. Yes, I do challenge you along with myself because The Holy Spirit wants us to bring our “A game” in our everyday walk with Father. Believe me, I cannot tell you the times I have cried with conviction as I was writing. These messages keep me grounded and minister God’s grace to my spirit to which I am grateful. I realize that you do not agree with everything I write and I understand, but to share with you all of the political ideas that I personally endorse could end up being a disaster that causes more harm than good. Our modern politics are a train wreck and most all of it needs to be taken to the dump and buried! When we attach ourselves to the darkness of lies and deception, we become a representative of that carnal kingdom. We need to be “independently” connected to the King of Kings and His ETERNAL Kingdom of TRUTH and PEACE. “I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks , be made for ALL men; For kings, and for ALL that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all Godliness and honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior.” (I Timothy 2:1-3)

Allow me to say this; we know these are the last days and if you are like me and some of the readers that contact me weekly, I know you also believe that major change is coming soon. In the Name of Christ Jesus, of all the things we can say or do for His Kingdom, staying close to Him MUST remain our highest priority! Just like with the political arena that is swirling all around us each day, its main purpose is to cause our guts to grind with anxiety and our spirit to be heavy with depression. I realize we are worried and concerned with this election, as it seems to be one of the most important in history. However, all the anger and pacing the floor is not going to help anything! It is PEACE with Father that will comfort us. It is being in His presence that reassures us that we are secure in His arms. We must channel our frustrations with our government into the spiritual sanctuary of abiding in His presence. Remember, it is God that places authorities in power even if they win the popular vote. Our calling to intercede for our leaders is a result of our spiritual maturity and wisdom. Our constant complaining is just making us all feel worse. Listen, please hear me this day, while the world chooses to jump into the “blender” of chaos, our heavenly Father is saying, come away from the confusion and get alone with Me in the secret place. The Bible mentions about the “overcomers” as I am sure you have read. I am also convinced that you along with myself hope be to be one of these remnant warriors. There are many things that I do not understand but I do know that we will never “WALK” as an overcomer without LIVING under the shadow of the Almighty! Yes, God desires to use us, even if we are here during the tribulation, but we must be “FILLED” with His Spirit. What does this mean? It means that we must abandon our love for this world and be filled with faith, love, mercy, vision, strength, power, courage, confidence, wisdom and the heart to stand in the face of fear and NOT BUDGE ONE INCH! I have sad but truthful news for you today; you and I are not going to change the direction of this nation or this world. Yes, we can have divine appointments and minister to those whom God brings across our path, but our ship has a large hole in the bottom and it will not be fixed. This is not being negative but rather aligning with the spiritual reality of God’s prophetic Word. I am not saying there are not good people here and there, but for the most part, we are surrounded with multitudes that are cold-hearted, blind and deceived. Our government is heavily influenced by Satan and most of the people’s conscience has been seared as with a hot iron. DO NOT BECOME DISTRACTED AND CAUGHT UP WITH FEAR! Our confidence BELIEVES that this world is perfectly on course with the destiny that God has known since the beginning of time. Selah. GOD IS IN CONTROL.




My Father was known to be a neat and organized person and I guess that I inherited the same trait. He kept a manicured yard, well landscaped and beautiful. When he was healthy, he would raise a vegetable garden that had rows so straight that it looked like a postcard. There were never any weeds in the garden and likewise his cars were always clean because he would hand wash them often. His profession was building houses, so to say the least, there was not much he could not repair or create when it came to maintaining a home. My mother, as the other half of the “orderly duo” was a clean-aholic and kept the inside of the house immaculate. I thought about my parent’s character traits this afternoon, (as I was down on my knees in the baking sun pulling crab grass from around my landscape edging) and wondering, “Why in the world am I doing this”? My yard (when it is in top form) reminds me of a state park and I also have my weird quirks about other certain things being orderly, but I must admit that it makes me stop and ponder about what is really important in life. How you might ask? Well, it seems that even though we do not think about it, we are going to be held accountable for our decisions – including how we invest our time. Hardly anyone even sees my backyard because it is barricaded with a tall privacy fence, and when people do come over, most of the time they do not even go back there. So, why does it bother me about getting rid of the weeds and why do I have the “need” to keep everything so perfect? Maybe it is some kind of excessive compulsion syndrome or some other mental hang-up, but couldn’t my time be directed toward something more worthwhile? I look around and most other people never think about weeds – they just mow it and forget about it. What makes the difference between people who care about odd things and others who do not? I believe there are several reasons with everything from just being too busy with higher priorities to those who are just not concerned. Does this make the “neat” people better – of course not! There are just different personality traits that include things like decorating style, music taste, spiritual convictions, political views or value systems. Am I caring “too much” about things that are meaningless? Am I wasting precious time on the menial and not investing enough time in things of eternal significance? Is it normal to run out of the house before you go to bed and dig up a stray dandelion that pops up out of nowhere? Well, a certain amount of pride might be all right because it is a reflection of being responsible but I believe it could be carried too far. Pride in a good way could be used as a way to reach people because they respect the dedication of order. For example, people will respond with more respect toward someone that is wearing a business suit than someone that looks like they have been living under a bridge. This may not be the right thing to do but those who have daughters must admit that first impressions have a strong impact. All of us are vulnerable to first impressions because most of the time we judge according to what we hear and see. On the other hand, pride can be a bad thing, if our motive of being orderly is to give the impression that we deserve to be praised. What if we prayed and talked to God while we pulled weeds, then we could use our neatness as an invitation for divine appointments. Maybe this is an example of how important it is to have constant communion with God no matter what we are doing. It would seem this is the idea of walking in His Spirit, being ready to respond to His voice at work, at the store, driving, pumping gas (or pulling weeds). All of this may sound silly and actually boring to some people but allow me to go a little deeper into trying to realize what is really important in this life and why we think and act the way we do.

I remember an elderly couple a few years ago that lived down the street and how the man was so meticulous with his lawn. He was constantly working on it and I presume he was retired and enjoyed working around his home as a hobby. One day we learned through some other neighbors that he had died suddenly. His wife could not maintain the yard and hired a yard service to do the work but it could not be compared to how her husband could do it. I thought about all the things that he might be remembered for, as I did not know him personally but I could definitely testify that he kept a beautiful yard. It seems we sum people up by what they “do” or have “done” (good or bad) instead of who they are many times. I was at a funeral the other day and it was said the deceased, “really knew how to enjoy life”. Stop and think for a moment about the people you know and how you would comment about them if they were to pass away today. Let’s go a step further; what do you think people would say about you if you were to pass away? It is strange but true that we can remember very easily the negative things, the failures, shortcomings, bad character traits, the nasty attitudes, temper tantrums, the times when others were insensitive and wrong and all their mistakes. Why? Because this is the how the human brain is wired! We need more forgiveness, compassion and understanding instead of holding on to negative resentment and unforgiving attitudes. Carnality means “flesh” and there is never any good that can come out of it because it pertains to not only how others remember what we do or say but also how we perceive and discern others. Selah. The carnal mind stores memories and has its own built-in justice system that sorts out all the evidence and packages it up with judgments and conclusions. This system does exist in all of us and even when we become Christians, we must remember that this way of thinking is NOT a “renewed” mind. We can be spiritually saved and still operate under the old system for a while but eventually the Lord will convict us until we submit under the pressure from the Holy Spirit or we will become hardened with the sin of resisting His discipline and rebelling against His will. Walking in His Spirit is realizing that people are heavy laden with sin and are very weak to fight against it. Having His mind is seeing people with His sorrow and having a burden for them to be set free from the bondage of deception. How can we be strong in the Lord and help others if we also become bogged down with sin and discouragement? It is a dangerous place to become so spiritually dry like the young plants that bake and die in the sun as is told in the parable of the sower and the seed. Selah. Let us go further as we continue to search for the reasons we are the way we are. Do you really desire to know the truth about yourself or do you believe that all is well? Self-exams are like taking a flashlight into the basement to see what is causing those strange noises. It is not uncommon with humans to avoid these “investigations” and just turn the television up louder.

I have always had a good relationship with my Mother-in-law as we had the love of the gospel in common. She lived on her own, was relatively independent, and was constantly reading the Bible and watching religious television broadcasting. She had an aggressive personality and at times was difficult to get along with but overall, is a good person and well liked. This spring she had a stroke out of the clear blue and it has left her a “shell” of who she was. We read stories about those who have suffered devastating problems and we probably know someone that has or is facing a serious storm in their life. We feel helpless because we do not know what to do except pray and help with the practical things that need attention. I do not mean to sound negative but if you have ever known a person that has had a stroke you realize very soon that unless God performs a literal miracle like the ones Jesus did in the New Testament, this person is going to face a very serious uphill battle to just survive – let alone recover. Mary had a beautiful home and it was filled with the treasures she had collected and loved. She loved her independence, had an awesome green thumb with gardens and flowers and was an incredible cook. She is now paralyzed on one side, which has left her unable to walk, go to the bathroom, take a shower on her own etc… She also has trouble with her speech and it is apparent she has trouble thinking clearly. She also experienced some unexpected problems as for example, the tendons in one leg began to draw and pull her toe and foot muscles backward involuntarily which brings excruciating pain. After a while it was obvious that she was not going to be able to live independently again (unless she received the miracle) and plans were made to sell her house and all the contents so that funds could be available to pay for her medical expenses. A lifetime of memories, treasures, keepsakes and experiences all gone in a matter of weeks. I realize this is not uncommon but it does not lessen the sadness. Now she is in a nursing home and shares a small room with another elderly woman. I admit – I am an emotional person and I definitely prefer happy endings rather than sad ones but as we have heard many times – life is what you make it and being happy is a choice. Is she discouraged? Of course, any of us would be, but she had a good life and was blessed in many ways. There are many reasons why things happen. She had faith but was ambushed by the unexpected. What if there is a major crisis in our future, how will we react? I speak positive confessions and I pray for the positive but have I learned when to be content in God’s will and when to fight against the devil – and how to know the difference? Maintaining Christ in our heart is the most important thing whether we are lost at sea, in prison, bankrupt or in the hospital. I am simply trying to learn more about whom God is and what He wants to do in us. Have you ever been involved with an overwhelming situation and struggled with trying to win the victory over it? There may be libraries of textbooks about how to deal with problems but there is a difference between just watching a war and actually being in a war. A crucial part of abandonment is learning that we are not fighting our OWN war. Christians are called to lay down their old carnal plans and embrace a new set of spiritual blueprints. We are abandoning our old ship and boarding His glorious vessel! He bought us and is living in us for the purpose of doing HIS will through us. All glory to God.




The word separation has been associated with a mindset of division and it is rightly so. Division is the opposite of unity and for the Christian, this kind of thinking is usually negative. But in the spirit realm, we notice that separation has always had its place and will be in existence until we are with Christ in eternity. Those of you, who are the front line warriors and remnant bride of Christ, know first hand what it means to be separated from people and possessions of this world. Our sanctification prevents us from embracing sin but our love inspires us to love the sinner. We have turned away from those things that desire to enslave us and have separated ourselves from the temptations of pleasure. Many of you have sold your collectables and valuable treasures because you heard God’s voice and you obeyed His commands. Some of you have abandoned the world’s idea of success to embrace a life of humility, helping, ministering and giving. Likewise, some of you are still debating about which direction you will go and are weighing the cost as to just “how much” you are willing to surrender. We must be prepared to walk away from everything. Let us be reminded of the price that comes with being a follower, “And Jesus, walking by the sea of Galilee, saw two brethren, Simon called Peter and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea: for they were fishermen. And, He said unto them, follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men. And they IMMEDIATELY LEFT THEIR NETS AND FOLLOWED HIM.” (Mathew 4:18-19) We notice that He did not make them an offer or allow them to argue about the details. It does not say they hired other people to work for them while they were gone or even to watch over their possessions. It does not mention them saying goodbye to their families and friends or if they were torn about leaving the security of their established life. It simply describes the scenario of the God of the universe speaking to the hearts of humans to trust Him and obey Him. We make such a huge drama out of our decisions because it is the evidence of a fierce WAR between our will and His. Our flesh has such a smothering control over us that it creates incredible confusion and complications. Most of us at one time in our life were deceived with the complexities and fantasies of how life should be, but I hope we now realize that it was all a fleshly mirage. Remember, Lots wife was told to NOT look back.

I believe there is coming a time in the near future where those who are called by His Name will continue to experience a deeper revelation of separation. I am sad to realize there are many in our families that will choose to NOT advance with God. The masses that have not prepared themselves mentally and spiritually to follow Jesus will most likely be carried away with the strong flood of Satan’s lies and deceptions. It is too difficult to comprehend the depth of Christ if the mind is saturated with doubt and blindness. Most will turn away from the invitation to suffer for Christ as the rich young ruler walked away from Jesus. Today is the day to allow Christ to fill our hearts with His wisdom and holiness – not at the last second. “Jesus said unto him, if thou wilt be perfect, go and sell what you have and give it to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven: AND COME AND FOLLOW ME. But, when the young man heard that saying, HE WENT AWAY SORROWFUL: FOR HE HAD GREAT POSSESSIONS.” (Mathew 21-22) I received a word from a saint the other day and felt it was a message to us for the hour. I pray that it blesses you and speaks to your spirit.

Glynda Lomax, Jun 07, 2012 10:06 pm.

“I have spoken to you to leave behind the things of the past, yet many of you still cling to it. You cling to the people, the places, and the things of the past that have no place in your future, in your future in Me. If you try to take the past into your future, you will find no place for it there, my people. There is no place in the chaos that is coming for your flesh. Set your minds on Me, and on the things of My kingdom. Set your sights on your heavenly reward, for all that is now shall soon pass away. Life as you know it will cease, but in My Kingdom, all things are made new. You have asked Me for many things, and you have asked that I anoint you, yet you refuse to lay down the things I ask of you.

In the spirit I saw the enemy handing us things to occupy us, much like a mother hands a small child a cheap toy to keep them busy and distracted so they won’t fuss, while the Lord stands nearby, holding out to us a very genuine reward He wants to give to us. I saw that this is a very widespread attack of the enemy, trying to distract us from our walk with the Lord.
You are refusing to choose the things of Me when you cling to what is no longer useful, and many of you will be passed over for promotion because of this. I promote those who show themselves yielded vessels, ready for My use, obedient to My commands. I do not promote the disobedient.

Some of you have waited a long time for what is coming, yet have not made yourselves ready. Why must I continually speak this to you, My children? Why do you not obey, as you know you should? Will you live with regret and not the rewards I have for you? Some of you are obeying and you shall be given much for your much obedience. Those who obey little shall be given little. Do not be deceived children; I do not reward disobedience and sloppy living. I do not reward those who do not strive to walk in My ways. I do not reward those who do not honor My Son with their lives. You cannot serve two masters. Either you will serve your flesh, or you will serve Me, but you will not serve both and receive rewards from Me.

If you serve the enemy, then you receive his reward. If you serve Me – truly serve Me – you receive Mine. You cannot serve Me only with your lips, you must sacrifice the desires of your flesh, walk in My ways, be in My Word, do My will. I try the heart and the reins, I know all things. I know the true
motives behind your deeds and I shall judge you accordingly.

The time to shake off the past is now, My children. Let go. Let go of the things of the flesh that no longer serve a useful purpose in your spiritual lives. Let go and come up higher with Me for I have great rewards for you when you do. Do not be deceived. You cannot serve the enemy while serving Me, for
He who is not for me, is against Me. Release the past. Trust Me to meet your needs.” “And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.” (Luke 9:62) “In that day, he which shall be upon the housetop, and his stuff in the house, let him not come down to take it away: and he that is in the field, let him likewise not return back. Remember Lot’s wife. Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it.” (Luke 17: 31-33)

After reading this message, I felt drawn to the passage in Mathew 25, as we follow the train of thought about the separation of people in this last hour. As we perceive the words of Jesus, we cannot help but notice the “difference” is revealed in the condition of the heart as well as the spirit. The hardness or compassion of the heart clearly identifies the character of the individual. Selah. Spiritual freedom is found when we lay everything at His feet and let go of the tight grip that we have on the things we have deep feelings for. Holding on to our “idols” exposes our allegiance and explains our motives. Let us begin with verse 31, “When the Son of man shall come in His glory, and all the holy angels with Him, then shall He sit upon the throne of His glory: And before Him shall be gathered all nations: and He shall SEPARATE them one from another, as a shepherd divides his sheep from the goats. And, he shall set the sheep on His right hand, but the goats on the left. Then shall the King say unto them on His right hand, Come, you blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.” We will see that God’s people have life changing convictions and burdens for the helpless and hopeless people of the earth. Their agape love is more than just words coming out of their mouths – they pour themselves out completely and freely like water from a container.

Jesus say’s, “For I was hungry and you gave me meat: I was thirsty and you gave me drink: I was a stranger and you took me in: Naked and you clothed me: I was sick and you visited me: I was in prison and you came to me.” The righteous people of God wanted to know when did they see Him in need and when did they ever help Him? He said that when they had ministered out of love – they had actually ministered to Him. He goes through the same examples to the lost people but instead acknowledges they DID NOT help anyone but rather lived selfishly without concern. He continues about how the sheep will inherit the eternal Kingdom of victory and joy while the goats are cursed and will be sent into the everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels. If anyone has a question about his or her own salvation, this is a perfect example of what a true Christian looks like “walking the walk”. The remnant is not composed of “lip service” crowds, who want comfort, pleasure and everything handed to them on a silver platter. The followers of Christ are called to be like “Gideon’s 300 warriors” who say, “God, I know this is going to be a fight. I know it is going to cost everything that I have and all that I am but, Father, I am with You in this battle!” Are you being separated as a goat or sheep? Do you know which side you are on at this moment? Are you determined to be a SOLD OUT fanatic for Jesus? The dividing line is being drawn this day by the decisions of every person that has an ear to hear. Selah.