Christian Missionary outreach and evangelism has been going on since Jesus gave His disciples what we call the “Great Commission.” Most people (whether Christian or not) are sympathetic and generous and will support the idea of relief efforts and help those who are in need. Christians feel it’s their responsibility to help people but not just with practical need – in the back of their mind they also are concerned about the spiritual need. This is why many Christians embrace the idea of giving someone a sandwich and giving them the gospel. We remember when Christ was teaching a great multitude and after they became hungry, He performed a miracle when He fed them all with just a handful of food.


As a licensed and ordained minister, I am available to help and serve wherever I am needed. I’ve been a member of the Full-Gospel Ministerial Association since 2003 and their headquarters are in Berea Kentucky. I have officiated weddings, memorials, and funerals throughout the years and I am always available to serve in this capacity whenever the need arises. As Christians, we have been commissioned to carry His light in this world of darkness in order that the love of Christ may be seen “in us” as a city set on a hill. “Be ye, therefore, followers of God, as dear children. And walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us, and hath given Himself for us as an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling savor” (Ephesians 5:1-2). Everyone that is a child of God is a gifted minister that has been called to serve and represent His Kingdom. There are no spectators in the realm of obedience – only full-time participators. Being a passionate witness for Christ is 24/7 and always “in season.”

Some adopt the philosophy that Christians or any religion for that matter, should not try to persuade people but rather let them find their own way. This idea is popular with some parents that do not want to influence their children into a certain worldview and just let them choose their own journey. The problem with this idea is that it conflicts with God’s law that declares how He is the only way and the only truth. Then we have the crowd who really doesn’t care about what people need and are much more focused on what they desire than what God desires. You would think this mindset would apply to non-Christians but shockingly we realize this attitude is a choice and a part of our free will. If we have a passion for loving and serving God we will be driven by a genuine love¬†and compassion for others. If we are constantly seeking to please our flesh, we are driven by our selfish carnality and will only care about what makes us feel good. As the mercy of the Lord reached down from heaven to save us, we also should be aware that our responsibility and the purpose of our existence is to know and love God and love people. If we do not have a burden for others – something is seriously wrong.

Here I was invited to sing and share God’s Word at a television station in the mountains of Beattyville Kentucky.

television station 1

This was an exciting experience and an honor to share my heart with the WJLC television audience.

television station 2

This is me singing “O Holy Night” at our annual KCAL Old Time Radio Christmas show in 2016. I’m a member of this drama group and it’s a lot of clean fun. We perform 4 times per year and have such a great time to re-enact the old radio programs in front of a live audience. The shows are taken from the 1940’s and 50’s and include episodes such as, “Fibber McGee and Molly” “Father Knows Best” “Lucille Ball” “Gun Smoke” “Our Miss Brooks” “Blondie and Dagwood” and others. We usually try to incorporate music into every show also. They are loads of fun and everyone is like family.






I have the honor of being a volunteer chaplain at the Thomson-Hood Veterans Center in Wilmore. This facility is not only first-class quality in every way but it is filled with some of the most wonderful people on earth. I am constantly meeting new residents and I love sitting around and talking with them. This … Continue reading VETERANS CENTER


I want to share with you about a wonderful place where God is working. This facility is like a beautiful hotel that has many private rooms, a large kitchen and dining area, a den with fireplace, an exercise room and a computer room all provided for cancer patients at no charge. People from all over … Continue reading HOPE LODGE


When I look at this beautiful path I think about the journey of life. If our time here on earth were only as simple and easy as walking down a trail like this. We have had our share of trials and we never know what is ahead of us, but we can be sure that … Continue reading GALLERY


I have felt impressed to begin sending my book and music cd’s to Correctional institution Libraries across America and believe this will be a blessing to those who are desiring to allow God to transform them and prepare them for a new beginning. All of us have made terrible mistakes in our lives but some … Continue reading PRISON LIBRARY MINISTRY

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