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This is a collection of songs that were written in mostly in the nineties. The songs, “Can you see the vision and “I am persuaded” are actually from the eighties. I hope you will enjoy them. The first song I selected to post on the site is called, “New attitude” and it is a personal testimony of my struggle within the change process. I read a sign the other day that said, “You do not need to change, you just need to find someone that will accept you just as you are.” This may sound appealing to our emotions but the reality according to God’s desire, is that we all must submit to His Word and His will. This spiritual process of becoming more like Him is going to require a mental and emotional transformation that is not going to be an easy path but is a vital part of our rewarding journey.


This is a song called, “The someday excuse” and it talks about how when we put things off, time does not slow down and before we know it, the opportunities are gone forever. Time is precious and we cannot guarantee we will always have it.