The Least I Can Do


I had written and recorded the song “The least I can do” as an acoustic demo but it took the talents and anointing of my old friend Daryl Gravit to build some power into it. This was one of the songs from the album “The Distance” that was recorded in Daryl’s home studio in 1999 and was a collaboration of writing and singing from both of us. I still have the original master of that project and for those who know Daryl and would like a copy, I would be glad to send it to. On this song, I played the guitar and sang lead vocals but Daryl played all the other instruments and was the engineer on all the mixing and mastering. The rest of the songs on this disc were recorded by myself with a simple studio set-up in our house. I did not really care anything about making the recordings technically perfect (because I could not anyway) but rather to relay the song as I was feeling it and to just to capture the spirit that is in the music so that everyone could feel what I was sensing. I have a book of songs that have never been recorded and many that need to be re-recorded. Hopefully, before I get too much older, I will have the opportunity to give them justice. Of course wherever, you see a scripture reference as a song title, I am not trying to take credit but just singing the text along with my own melody. I would love to hear what the Psalms sounded like when David and the other Psalmist played them.



Psalm 117

I Will Go For You

The Least I Can Do

My Hidden Room

1. Psalm 117
2. I will go for You
3. New attitude
4. The least I can do
5. My hidden room
6. The reason we live
7. The Word of life
8. More of You
9. Save the children
10. Buttons
11. Take over my life
12. No rock more solid

Billy Singing 2

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