chords-worship_thumb[5]I have led worship throughout the years and it has been an honor to learn and enjoy the power and intimacy of God’s presence. For me, the gift to write musical messages has been a deep personal connection with Him and a vital part of my spiritual education to know more about Him. I am not an entertainer but rather have seen my calling as more of a vessel that can relay His spiritual communications. I have posted several different CD’s of original music that I have recorded over the years and each one has its own category tab. You can click on the CD title and it will open up to show you the cover and a few MP3 selections for you to enjoy. These are not elaborate or professional productions, but rather are more like basic demos. Nevertheless, even in their raw form, they still carry a message.

Speaking of unplugged, here is a simple video with just me and the guitar. The song is called, “Keeper of my soul” and was an inspiration for the title of the narration CD. This song is not a part of that CD, but is included on my new project called, “Stay close to God.”

We finally finished the new CD and Michael Reno at Inspiration Studios did a fantastic job and I appreciate His love for God and his attention to detail. This project has me reading over 100 Bible passages and ended up with 5 acoustic songs. A full 80 minutes of Hope, Joy and Peace! If there is someone you know that might benefit from this powerful collection of God’s Word please let us know and we will be glad to send it to them.

I love to lead worship and feel God’s presence fill the atmosphere. It is awesome to see the Lord minister to the hearts of those who are thirsty for Him. I have enjoyed writing music and relaying God’s messages. It is a privilege and honor to be His messenger.



Here I am in 2016, at the Inspiration Studio with Michael Reno.


I was laying down the music for the CD “KEEPER OF MY SOUL” and you can read more about this project in the drop-down categories under the original music tab.


Here is part one that contains several passages of scripture and a never before heard version of the song “PROMISES.”

This is a brand new recording of “TOUCH THE SCARS.”

I recorded these songs originally in the nineties and I am very excited to record them again 20 years later. This is “JOY COMES IN THE MORNING” and was and inspiration from one of our favorite Bible passages.

Here is a song called, “REFUGE” and in the title track of one of my CD’s. In this recording, I merged it together with a worship song, “COME HOLY SPIRIT.” This allows for an extended time of relaxing and basking in His presence.

And lastly, I closed with this meditation taken from Psalm Chapter 103.

I recently put together a new collection of songs from the archives called “THE SECRET PLACE COLLECTION” and it contains 22 songs. If you would like to order a full-length CD contact me at:

Secert Place Front


The Call 3:11 – Touch the Scars 4:11 – What is the Ministry? 3:50

Speak to us O God 1:10 – For I Am Persuaded 2:59 – Open Our

Eyes 2:49 – Can You See the Vision? 4:13 – Whosoever Will 3:26 –

More Sensitive 3:19 – Just for Who You Are 5:28 – Times of

Refreshing 1:29 – Daddy 3:37 – For the Sake of Love 3:48 – The

Gospel is not for Sale 2:50 – My Hidden Room 3:17 – New Attitude

3:40 – A Price to Pay 2:47 – In God We Trust 3:38 – Speak the Word

1:38 – The Someday Excuse 3:17 – When we Worship You 4:38 –

Meditations from Psalm 103 2:49


This is me singing “O Holy Night” at our annual KCAL Old Time Radio Christmas show in 2016. We perform 4 times per year and have such a great time re-enacting the old radio programs in front of a live audience. The shows are taken from the 1940’s and 50’s and include episodes such as, “Fibber McGee and Molly” “Father knows Best” “Lucille Ball” “Gun Smoke” “Our Miss Brooks” “Blondie and Dagwood” and others. We usually try to incorporate music into every show also. They are a loads of fun and are like family.


I am honored with the opportunity to travel and teach Bible studies along with sharing the Lord’s music and meeting many new people every week. Since my retirement, I am very blessed to have more time to invest with volunteer work and to reach out to all the ones He leads me to. I have recently learned many of the old hymns and have enjoyed watching the older generation react to these old these songs. Here I am in the HOPE LODGE, which is a sanctuary where cancer patients can stay free while they are receiving chemo treatments. It is maintained by the University of Kentucky and the American Cancer Society.


Here I am at Thompson Hood Veterans Center teaching a Bible study. I talk about the Lord and bring simple devotions. I pray with them and they love to play trivia games. I also bring my guitar and sing the old hymns. The elderly sometimes struggle with trying to remember certain things but it’s amazing how they always know the words of these songs.


Here I am at the Lexington Cemetery and carrying an Ovation 12 string acoustic. This is a beautiful cream color guitar trimmed in gold.


Here I am with my original Martin D-35 that was given to me in the early eighties by Bob and Gayle Williams from Lexington as they were such a blessing to me and my family. Mrs. Williams bought this guitar for her husband around 1980 as a birthday gift but he never touched it. He did not know how to play and did not develop an interest in it, (still had the tags tied to the tuners when I took it out of the case). I was mesmerized with how it sounded as all I had ever owned was a $300.00 guitar. She said they both wanted me to have it because I had been writing songs and singing in church. Not only did they give me this very expensive instrument but also paid for the entire studio cost of a brand new album called, “Intentions of the Heart!” Let me say, I have appreciated this guitar and it has NOT gone to waste – I have invested many hours into it and have had the neck and frets reworked and still play it every week in my chaplain ministry. It seems like it is tied to my soul somehow as most all the songs I have written throughout the years has been with this instrument. Having this guitar has been nothing short of a miracle and I am very grateful to the Lord for this gift and His anointing to play it.

Covenant Keeping God

Letting Go

The Least I Can Do

Time for a Change


Quiet World

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