Original Music

chords-worship_thumb[5]I received the gift to write musical messages back in the early eighties and I am so grateful for how it has given me a deeper personal connection with Him. The personal intimacy between God and myself is a vital part of my spiritual education and a bond in knowing Him personally. This relationship with Jesus through music has opened doors for me to lead worship throughout the years and it has been an honor to learn and enjoy the power and glory of His presence. For me, the gift to write musical messages has been a deep personal connection with Him and a vital part of my spiritual education to know more about Him. I have never been focused on being an entertainer but rather to use the melodies and rhythms of music as a vehicle to carry the message. With me, it’s all about what the song is saying and how I can allow it’s content to touch me and cause me to think about how it relates to my life. I have posted several different CD’s of original music that I have recorded over the years and each one has its own category tab. You can click on the CD title and it will open up to show you the cover and a few MP3 selections from the project for you to enjoy. These are not elaborate or professional productions but are more like sitting on the couch with a guitar.

“THE CALL” is a selection from the “REFUGE” CD. You can find out more about this project in the drop-down menu in this “ORIGINAL MUSIC” category. You are welcome to listen and download selections from several different albums. Occasionally, we will rotate new selections for you to enjoy and just ask if you would like the CD.


I love to lead worship and feel God’s presence fill the atmosphere. It is awesome to see the Lord minister to the hearts of those who are thirsty for Him. I have enjoyed writing and playing music and consider it a privilege and honor to be His messenger.





Here I am at the Lexington Cemetery with an Ovation 12 string acoustic.



Covenant Keeping God

Letting Go

The Least I Can Do

Time for a Change


Quiet World

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