CD has been something I have felt led to do for a while and I am grateful the doors were opened for me to do it. I narrate over 100 Bible passages for those who want to just relax and listen to God’s Word and absorb the life-giving power of His infinite truth. Some have shared with me that they listen while they are driving and it keeps them focused on the Lord. This CD also has 5 original songs that I have recorded over the years but these are BRAND NEW recordings just for this project. I really believe this is one of the most powerful resources I have been allowed to create and I hope you will enjoy this 80 minutes of edification and encouragement. I am so thankful my dad was able to hear this. My mom said before he passed away, he would sit and listen to this over and over and sometimes she said he would cry. He told me he could feel God’s power and presence in this disc.

Billy holland

I want to give a special thank you to Michael Reno at Inspiration Studios. You can contact him and learn more about his ministry at: Also for the beautiful background music by Peder Hellend. He is a phenomenal musician from Norway that has a huge collection of his music on YouTube. Just type in his name and you will be amazed at how much music he has produced. Very beautiful! I very much appreciate the contributions from these two men and their passion to advance the Kingdom of God. The picture on the front cover was taken by me from our backyard one evening on my cellphone. I was just walking around talking to God and noticed how unusual and beautiful the sky looked as the sun was setting. Our God is truly an awesome God, the Author and finisher of our faith and majestic Lord and Creator of all things.

Also Included on “KEEPER OF MY SOUL” are 5 acoustic songs that I felt strongly should be included with this project. The disc is divided into 4 major parts with prayers, scriptures and a song in each part. Part one includes the song “Promises” and I have included the entire section here.

The other 3 parts are very similar to part one, but for the sake of time and space, I am providing just the music. Part two includes “Touch the Scars.”

Part three combines “Refuge” and “Come Holy Spirit” as a worship medley.

And part four includes “Joy will Come” as an extended worship version. “Joy will Come” is an inspiration for the entire project and has always been one of our favorite Bible verses.

The CD closes with the first 5 verses of “Psalm 103” which I sing all the time in my outreach ministry. I used both the Martin D-35 and the Gibson J-45 for all the music and give all the glory to God who allowed me to relay His message.



My prayer is that everyone will hear God’s still small voice  and sense His patience, kindness and compassion. The Lord has much to say but most of the time we are either distracted or not interested. How long will it be before we develop an awareness of His presence and a determination to give Him our undivided attention? Not only when we have an emergency but just because we want to be close to Him. If you know someone that is going through a difficult time or that is thirsty for peace, hope and spiritual encouragement please let me know and I will send them a copy. Let us remember that fear is seeing God through the eyes of circumstance but faith is seeing circumstance through the eyes of God. When you have some quiet time, grab your Bible and read Psalm 145, it is an inspiring and uplifting passage that promises how God will always be with us.

I believe there is nothing more powerful than the Word of God and I know that allowing our mind and conscience to be saturated in His Word can generate the faith to believe that anything is possible through the omnipotent and omniscience of our Lord and Savior. Let us become determined to resist the devil and this dark world of negativity and allow the cool refreshing waters of His promises fill our spirit and mind with hope and confidence. We are experiencing a famine of the Word of God, so now let us take this much needed nourishment to those who are hungry and thirsty for truth and righteousness. Since faith comes by hearing, it is our responsibility as representatives of His name to confess His Word, preach His gospel and relay His message of VICTORY to a lost and hopeless world.