This is the original recording of the prophecy that was given to me in 1985.

 In the early 1980’s, I was being used by the Lord to play and sing popular Christian songs and was regularly leading worship services, but one night in 1984 during a revival, an evangelist was preaching and all the sudden he stopped and pointed his finger to me and said that I was going to write the “New Song” of the Lord. As Cheryl and I went home that night, we wondered what this was about because I had not written a song before. About two months later, I was at work and a melody came to me along with some words. I found an old piece of scrap paper and scribbled down the lyrics and stuck it in my pocket. When I came home, I pulled out the paper, picked up my guitar and played the song like I had known it all my life. Cheryl reminded me about what the minister had said that night and we both just sat there and stared at each other. This was truly a miracle and opened the door to a new perspective of ministry and appreciation for the awareness and sensitivity of God’s presence.

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In 1985, that same evangelist moved to our area and started a church and Cheryl and I joined them. We were invited to a large worship symposium that was being conducted by two different ministers that operated in the prophetic anointing so we decided to go with our new pastor and his wife. I was introduced as a modern-day Psalmist and was asked to bring forth a song of the Lord.  I stepped on the stage and sang an original song called “Unmeasured Love” and went back to my seat. The evangelist came out onto the platform and began talking about how worship breaks the ground (heart) for the Word of God (seed) to be planted then suddenly he calls for me to come back and places a chair on the platform for me to sit in and begins to prophesy over me. The other minister was a lady from California and both gave lengthy and specific words from the Holy Spirit which included a confirmation about me writing music and certain warnings, along with a unique revelation that I was NOT going to be just a lyricist but would be required to “walk out” every word that was given to me. It was not completely understood at the time (and I am still learning), but after 30 years of writing, Cheryl and I can agree that this word has come to pass and it has truly been some difficult walking.


The heart of this message is referring to writing in the area of music but it also has been manifested in the form of the written word. I spend many hours each week communicating the thoughts of my heart through writing and it feels that if I do not release what is inside of me that I will burst! Writing has become a passion and the messages many times are direct and straightforward. In the music and the written word, the content stirs the conscience and many times provokes and challenges the heart with conviction and the need for personal reflection and self-examination. Many songs are written in first person as if the Lord is speaking and emphasize the importance of humility and brokenness and approaching the holiness of God’s presence with reverence. The theme of my ministry has been to emphasize the responsibility for all of us to surrender our carnal will and take up our cross so that Christ can “seen” in us! Becoming aware of God’s presence is the most important aspect of the Christian life because changing the way we think – changes who we are. It is not how much knowledge we accumulate but how much we demonstrate! I have suffered the pain of rejection because the intensity of this message causes many to be uncomfortable but I consider it all joy in knowing that I have tried to follow the beat of God’s drum. I have not patterned myself after other singers and teachers but depend on the power of God’s anointing to lead and guide me.


Through the years, we have been given several incredible financial blessings and encouragements from individuals that were inspired and moved by God’s Spirit to bless our ministry including; being given a brand new Martin D-35 guitar, and several gifts to pay for professional recording expenses, and other miraculous financial offerings that were supplied as a confirmation that God was with us. I remember early in our ministry that times were tough and we barely made enough money to get by. In this particular situation, we had some bills that were due and we were just praying that God would help some some how. I had received a call earlier in the week from a pastor in the mountains that wanted me to come and minister my music to his youth group. It was a Friday night, and I had an opportunity to work the next day and make some much needed overtime money. I walked out into the backyard that evening and was crying out to God about whether to cancel the ministry and go to work – or trust Him. I felt a peace in my heart to serve Him and to just have faith.

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The next morning it was raining and we drove a long way to get to this church and finally turned on a highway that led to a church on top of a mountain with a mud road. We barely made it up the mountain and when I saw there were only about 20 kids there, I was wondering if my faith was truly being tested. I sang my heart out and it was very humid as I remember sweat running down my face. We ate lunch and talked for a while and as the pastor tried to shake my hand, he secretly transferred about $40.00 into my hand. I thought, Praise the Lord! and started packing up to leave. While I was ministering, I noticed a man sitting in a wheelchair near the back door and he had not said anything. He had long hair and beard, wore a leather vest and looked like a biker. He rolled up to me before I left and said he had enjoyed the songs and slipped me what appeared to be a check. About that time my son Josh which was about 3 at the time was pulling on my pant leg saying he had to go to the bathroom. I excused us and was standing in the bathroom waiting for Josh and I pulled the check out of my shirt pocket and it was for $2000.00. I about fell to my knees! God had come through with a miracle from heaven as this was a lot of money back in the mid nineties (and still is). We were able to pay all of our bills and have the confidence in knowing that God rewards faith and obedience.


I praise The Lord for His mercy, restoration and forgiveness in this journey as I have had epic failures that I was not sure I could recover from along with glorious victories that I know came from the hand of God Himself. I have experienced many awesome encouragements and have felt the pain of disappointment but at the end of the day I will say that God is good all the time. “Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from thy presence; and take not thy Holy Spirit from me. Restore unto me the joy of Thy salvation; and uphold me with Thy free (willing) spirit.” (Psalm 51:10-12)

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