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“Two things define us; Our patience when we have nothing, and our attitude when we have everything.”

“A successful person will always choose to lay a beautiful pathway with the bricks that others throw at them.”

“Go out into the world in peace, have courage in the faith of God, Love and serve the Lord, speak the truth, be positive and think on what is good and lovely, return no one evil for evil, strengthen the fainthearted, encourage the weak and help the suffering, honor and respect God’s creation. May the mercy and grace of the Almighty surround you and may you be filled with contentment and rivers of joy. Our heavenly Father is the meaning and purpose of life, and I pray that you will live in His presence forever.”

“Before we can embrace the cross as the only way to save us, we must humbly acknowledge that we were the reason he had to go there.”

“Every word of God is pure: He is a shield unto them that put their trust in Him” Proverbs 30:5.

We are very excited to announce the upcoming release of our second book, “CONVICTIONS AND CONSIDERATIONS – Discovering the meaning and purpose for our life.” This is a collection of inspirational stories and thought-provoking insights that will encourage your soul. convictions-3-e1548101274902.jpgI believe this is an important resource of strength, hope, and edification to the body of Christ in a day and age where there are so much spiritual darkness and negativity. Scott Fitzgerald once said, “You do not write because you want to say something; you write because you have something to say.” I’m convinced that God has graciously given me the ability and calling to express his ideas and relay his message to all who are seeking to know more about him and his Word. The idea of anyone and everyone having the opportunity to walk as close with God as they want and the privilege to know his will for their life is a spiritual reality. This book would be a wonderful gift for those you know who would appreciate an uplifting read about everyday life from a positive Christian perspective.



It is true, we are never alone because God is everywhere all at the same time, however, just because He loves us and His presence surrounds us does not mean we are aware or automatically joined in holy union with Him. A good example is a church service where God is being invited to manifest His glory and a large percentage of the congregation is playing on their cell phones, looking out the windows or trying to keep from nodding off. Another reality is that God loves everyone but obviously, only a small minority feels the same way toward Him. You would think that we humans would acknowledge Him as our creator and be dedicated to loving and serving Him but that is not the case. Most people are more heart-broken over a tree or a whale than to spend five minutes contemplating the one who designed the earth or the true meaning and purpose of life. Jesus gave His life for anyone who would believe, but we can see that not many people have taken Him up on His offer. It is fearful to think of how effective the devil has been with influencing and persuading the world to not pay any attention to the Bible. Satan does not care if people read it, go to church, or do good works, but only becomes concerned when someone begins to understand the gospel and what salvation really means. It is not how much we know but rather how much we demonstrate. Hopefully, we will learn to preach the gospel at all times and only use words when necessary. So, why are we constantly failing and so determined to ignore spiritual truth? It is the battle of the ages with the eternal soul being at stake. Millions of people are dying every week and being directed toward a holding place of fear and darkness as they wait for the judgment. You would think this would sound an alarm of an eternity without God but the world does not even blink. Can they not hear, can they not comprehend, do they care? Each person who has ever lived will stand before God and give an account of their life and for those who did not acknowledge God as Lord and Savior, their name will not be found in the Lamb’s book of life. There will be nothing more devastating than to hear the words, “depart from Me, I never knew you.”

For those who step forward in faith and declare their allegiance to God, the concept of a spiritual relationship has several similarities with the natural husband and wife matrimonial bond. There is “true and holy love” where both parties interact as it was designed and intended and then there are also religious imitations and counterfeit connections that are based on feelings and emotions. A man and woman may live in the same house but this does not mean they both are happy or even in love. For example, the husband may love the wife, but this does not mean the wife adores her husband. The same is true with many who call themselves a Christian and who declare to have a sacred bond with God but in reality, they do not know Him intimately or love Him with the type of agape love that is required. Sadly, religious people believe the idea of being ransomed from sin has everything to do with the opportunity and freedom to live however they want and very little with yielding their will and taking up their cross. The liberty with being delivered from bondage has only been understood by a small remnant which aligns perfectly with God’s warning that many seekers perish from the lack of spiritual knowledge and understanding. For many church members, the very sins they testify about being rescued from, are the same sins which they continue to enjoy every day. The sobering truth is that religious people are not concerned about changing who they are but are more interested in what earthly and heavenly blessings God has for them. There is a true church among the religious masses and are identified as the beautiful and pure bride of Christ. Two of the most distinct thermometers which reveal the difference between the genuine and imitation followers is how nauseated they are with their sin and how dedicated they are to spend quality time with Him each day in consecrated prayer. If these two convictions are not a serious part of the believer’s life, there is an arrogant attitude of denial and a powerful spirit of deception at work.

We’ve heard many different thoughts about how a Christian should live. The modern liberal theologian calls God, “pops” and claims that this “higher power” realizes how weak we are and is compassionate about all of our compromises and failures. This idea implies that we can pretty much do whatever we want especially since we have been redeemed and our debt has already been paid. However, no matter how you analyze this lenient philosophy, it has attributes that originated from the dark-side who would love for all Christians to stay in their comfortable lazy-boy chairs and hope for the best. If this is true Christianity it sure seems that our heavenly Father could have established salvation with an easier path than to torture Jesus on the cross. The seriousness of the gospel and the intricate symbolism should indicate that a holy blood covenant between God and man requires a complete and total commitment. As grace and mercy are not just flowery possibilities pertaining to eternal life, we can also be sure that sanctification and surrendering our will are not just suggestions or options for us to live by. God guarantees His promises but also has specific requirements and demands in order for us to be consecrated to Him. If we are not as serious as He is about this holy vow of marriage, then we are blind and completely deceived.

Speaking of being serious, we can play around and make excuses all day long but if we really want to grow up and stop living in a dream world, we must come face to face with a very critical component that is hindering our spiritual advancement. Many of today’s Christians are too comfortable and feel much too cozy in this world. This is where we live temporarily but technically this is not our home. We have been transformed from the sin and darkness of this realm into a new spiritual identity, as a child of a new spiritual family, and are now members of a heavenly citizenship. We are commanded to act like a chosen generation and a royal priesthood which define the characteristics of Jesus Christ. However, instead of following the voice of the Holy Spirit to dedicate their life to God’s will, many have chosen to continue their love affair with an unregenerate society. Instead of developing a pilgrim missionary state of mind, they will continue to embrace the blasphemous political order of darkness and openly endorse the wickedness they have been called to resist. We cannot stand for God and sin all we want at the same time. We are a servant to the one we obey and sadly, the world recognizes us and accepts us for exactly who we are. We cannot escape the question, “if God’s people refuse to live for Him in public, then what would make us believe they are devoted to Him in private? To go a step further, if a Christian is not praying, studying, worshiping, or developing a spiritual awareness and sensitivity to His voice, then why are they calling themselves a Christian? Grace is not a license to live in carnality. John Wesley one day walked to his mother and asked: “Mum, define sin for me.” Her answer was this: “Whatever weakens your reasoning, impairs the tenderness of your conscience, obscures your sense of God, or takes away your passion for spiritual things, in short, if anything increases the authority of the flesh over the spirit, that to you becomes sin, however good it is in itself.”

So why do we love the world more than we love being in God’s presence? Because our flesh is a much more powerful enemy than we have ever considered. It is sobering to face the facts that the flesh is usually in control of what we think and what we do. To most people, this is perfectly alright because we always desire pleasure and satisfaction. We want to feel good and following God seldom emphasizes the flesh as a priority. In fact, the carnal hunger and thirst of our flesh is opposite from God’s Spirit and is actually recognized as a fierce enemy. The person who learns how to control their flesh is what the Bible declares as an overcomer. These are the individuals who have made the choice to discipline their mind and body and force them to submit to the Lord. They have not allowed their heart and conscience to become cold and calloused with rebellion and disobedience. They have refused to compromise and live in the fantasy of denial in order to enjoy the illusions of false security. When a person constantly drinks from the fountain of corruption and compromise they become numb to the death and darkness of iniquity. When sin no longer causes a Christian to become nauseated, they are already consumed with death and depravity. The heart that is eager to hear the voices of the world but yet neglects their time of intimacy in the secret place with God, is backslidden and deceived. There is no way to decorate this truth with flowers and excuses, the reality is that our daily life is all about priorities and how much love we have for what and who we adore. It has been said that we need more speaking to God about men than speaking to men about God. There is more power in prayer than anything we can say or do and yet it seems we would rather do anything but pray. Until the conviction to see our friends and family be born-again becomes stronger than our complacency to enjoy our pleasures, we will never be pleasing to the Lord or fulfill our spiritual destiny. We must ask ourselves, does this matter to us? Does this bother us at all? Are we falling on our face before God and repenting of our backslidden condition? If we are not convicted with these questions, do you believe we should do some deep examining of where we are in our relationship with Jesus? May the Lord have mercy on us.

9781498433815 front

Before you go to the menu and start browsing, I want to mention a special offer. This is our first book and it’s a collection of Theological insights about the Christian life along with my experiences leading worship in several churches through the years. It’s a whopping 50 chapters and 367 pages and I’m very grateful for this opportunity to share God’s Word along with my personal convictions and considerations. I have purchased some extra copies of the book and while supplies last, I can send them anywhere in the U.S. for $12.50 each. This is a significant discount compared to ordering online or through a bookstore. I give all of my resources away and would love to be able to give everyone a copy of this book, but unfortunately, my cost is over $8.00 each and shipping is over $3.00. I have given several boxes of these away to those who cannot afford it, but this book is very costly to publish and print. I just want to make it affordable because I know what a blessing this will be for those who read it. The question is presented throughout this work: “How many want to have more spiritual intimacy with Jesus by developing an awareness of His presence?” You can click on the book menu at the top to find out additional information, but I just want to say this resource is for those who have a sincere desire to go beyond a normal and traditional religious ritual. When we make the decision to include God in our thoughts and plans, we move from a knowledge-based lifestyle into a  spiritual awakening. There is only room for one king on the throne of our heart and each moment our free will has the choice to serve Jesus or our flesh. We must go beyond just knowing “about” God – we must evolve into personally knowing God or we will miss the meaning and purpose of our existence.

Book Cover - backThis would also make a wonderful gift for someone you know who is a seeker of spiritual truth and with every copy, I will include my brand new scripture narration CD, “KEEPER OF MY SOUL” for free. If you would like to place an order, we have added an instant purchase button connected with PayPal. This is a simple way to make a secure transaction at a much-reduced price. If you would rather go through Amazon or Barnes and Noble you can click on the BOOK tab at the top and it will provide the links to these distributors. This section will also explain details about the content of the book and you will see where I have actually posted a couple of chapters for you to read. Those who have read it, are commenting on how this work is an in-depth and thought-provoking collection of topics which presents a sobering challenge to our faith. I look forward to hearing what you think about it and what the Lord is revealing to you.

Book – 367 pages

“A LIFESTYLE OF WORSHIP – Living in the awareness of God’s presence”



I received an email the other day from a website ministry saying they were going to post an excerpt from one of my recent newspaper columns. To say the least, I am very honored to be listed with some very special individuals. However, if I have ever said anything that has eternal value, it was first given to me by God. The idea of being a usable Christian is for us to become a willing container where the Lord can fill us and then pour out through us. It’s His water and He’s in charge of the pouring.




There are so many people in the world today who are stepping forward to voice their opinion about what they believe. Are God’s people not allowed to do the same? I realize that much of our faith needs to be demonstrated by how we live, but isn’t there also a time to testify and preach God’s message of hope and salvation? Is it not our responsibility to relay the gospel to a lost and dying world? Have we as Christians not been commissioned to teach God’s life-changing promises so that minds and souls can be delivered from sin and deception? When we read the true accounts of the martyrs who have given their lives for the sake of Jesus, we must consider that we are not excused from the same accountability and commitment. Let us pray that we will be found worthy to stand faithful in that day if called upon. The Christian life is a holy vow and a blood covenant which includes a devotion to not only surrender our will and live for God but to be prepared to face persecution unto death. Following Christ has very little to do with prosperity and blessings but rather has everything to do with prayer, holiness, love, faith, integrity, courage, sacrificial giving, renewing of the mind, and self-discipline. Yes, God’s people are the light holders and vessels of honor in this realm of darkness and have been commissioned to evangelize the world. Followers of Christ have the ultimate responsibility to speak God’s Word everywhere and to every person, they meet.



“I have fought the good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith: Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them that love His appearing” (II Timothy 4:7-8).

The Truth - Accept No Substitutes

God’s idea is for all of His children to be a minister and to serve Him and the world as a lifestyle of love. The world is a cruel and harsh environment and the Christian remnant followers are facing a growing hostility. However, even in times of severe persecution, we will embrace the example of Christ and remember his commands to be led by his Spirit and not our human nature. Humility allows his servants to walk through the storms and stand strong in adversity because they are seeing the bigger picture of life and how this journey is not based on their feelings. When we remove our vision away from spiritual love, we blindfold our own heart with emotional deception. And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap if we faint not. As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith” (Galatians 6:9-10). Lord, help me to become more discerning of the needs of others. Allow me to have compassion for those who are seeking your wisdom and understanding. Give me a burden and a passion to live a “lifestyle of worship” before the world that someone might be inspired to know you. I ask for a greater spiritual sensitivity as that I can hear your voice and with your grace, I pray that you will be able to use me in your divine appointments. Remind me when I begin to drift away from being dependent on your anointing. Convict my heart when carnal pride tries to deceive me. I desperately need your wisdom. Help me to stay focused on you, to stay on my knees and trust you in everything. I love you, Jesus. Amen.”


And they overcame him [the devil] by the blood of the Lamb [Jesus] and by the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto death” (Revelation 12:11).

The blood of Jesus empowers His saints with the authority of His Name! It is the only power that can forgive us of our sin and save us from eternal death. Our testimony is a declaration of faith that understands who God is, who we are IN Christ and that NOTHING can stop us from accomplishing His will! The Kingdom of God is advancing – because it CANNOT be stopped! Praise Him forever! There is NOTHING that can keep us from being filled with the Holy Spirit except our own free will. Let it be shouted from the housetops that we can have all of God that we want. The problem has always been that most people only want an amount of God that not interfere with the way they choose to live. The war of evil and good is between the human will and the will of God.

God’s nature is love and nothing can conquer love. This is not just a catch phrase but is crucially important to remember when we are walking through difficult places that are filled with discouragements and disappointments. For the remnant disciple, one of the greatest lessons to learn and stay aware of after we have been knocked to the ground is the determination and courage to get up and dust ourselves off and keep going. The enemy has spent the last 6000 years trying to distract men and women away from God’s will, but the joy of the Lord is a fountain of strength that cannot be quenched! All of the darkness in existence cannot overcome one tiny lit candle, and all of the hate in the universe cannot outweigh one act of genuine compassion! Love IS the authority of God and will never fail and when we learn how to encourage our own hearts, we can take another step into the maturity process of being an overcomer for Christ.

Psalm 46-1 (1)

Remember the story found in I Samuel chapter 30 about David and his army when they returned home to Ziklag and found the city had been burned and all of their families had been taken captive by the Amalekites. Verse 4 says, “Then David and all the people that were with him lifted up their voice and wept until they had no more power to weep.” But notice in the last part of verse 6, “but David encouraged [strengthened] himself in the Lord his God.” The ones that are involved with ministering God’s Kingdom will not always feel like standing strong or being electrified with an overflowing current of excitement and enthusiasm. There will be seasons of frustration and fatigue where it seems that nothing is happening and things are coming unraveled. But these are the times when we need to have a private consultation in front of the mirror and lay down God’s law to our own will! We have the CHOICE to believe the truth or embrace a deception.

It’s true, there are times when we are sad and frustrated and we all will have problems and situations that we must deal with in this life, but thank God that He is always there as a safe haven to give us encouragement and support that can help us through our times of sorrow. Yes, the battle is very difficult and we must be sensitive to the spirits of depression or oppressive, critical, and judgmental attitudes that are like a contagious virus that can infect others with hopelessness and drain the atmosphere of expectation. In I John chapter 1, verse 4 we see that joy is like a liquid in a tank that can run low or be filled and it is necessary to constantly monitor our joy and protect it from being diminished. “And these things write we unto you, that your joy may be full.” If the general of an army told the soldiers they did not have a chance to win the battle, it would exhaust their strength and crush their faith before they even started. So how do we stay filled with joy? It would definitely contribute to our joy tank if we would deliberately spend more time in His presence. Nothing can take the place of simply thinking about Him and sharing our concerns and feelings with Him.

I believe we can agree that the spiritual strength of the individual is based on the fullness of joy within the heart. Without a strong personal relationship with God, there is limited joy, and with low joy, there is a mediocre interest in walking with Him. So, we can say the stronger our relationship with Him, the more full our joy will be and the more He can and will be seen within us. As believers in the full gospel, we must realize that God’s idea of a normal Christian life is for us to be fearless warriors that daily walk in the realm of signs and wonders. The Creator of the universe lives inside of us! Why should we NOT be doing what Jesus did? God’s Word reveals how the last days are going to unfold and how religious spirits will continue to distort the true reality of “normal” into an imposter normal. Nonetheless, no matter how deceptive or hypocritical the religious system becomes, Jesus will accomplish His perfect agenda with those who love Him! When Jesus calls you to let go of the boat and walk on the water, there is NOTHING that can prevent your victory as long as you stay focused on His presence! Amen!


Even Satan does not care if we accept Christ as long as we keep Him to ourselves, because when we live as undercover agents for Jesus, we are NOT a threat to the dark domain. However, when we allow our flame to receive more oxygen from the Holy Spirit and it turns into a raging blaze, the devil realizes that we can be used to help recruit thousands of soldiers for the Lord’s army, tear down principalities and strongholds, inspire the lost, and do mighty miracles and wonders in Jesus Name! It’s worth the moment to consider the question; will you allow the enemy to stop you from being an overcomer? We are living in the last moments of grace, but it is also a time to become strong in our faith and personal intimacy with the Lord. Overcomers are strong leaders that have Special Forces training to PRAY and OBEY in all circumstances! Prepare now to step forward when the world is turned upside-down. Allow Jesus Christ to fill you with the wisdom of His Word today, or you will not have the anointing or faith to boldly stand as a leader in the days ahead.

If we are going to be provided for like Elijah at the brook and the woman with the measure of oil, we must learn how to not only be an encouragement to others but to encourage our own hearts. If we cannot believe God to heal our sore toe today, what makes us think we will be able to believe Him for a loaf of bread in the day of famine? There is no reason to be stressed or worried about what man will do because we have been promised that direction and encouragement will be given to those who are devoted to God. “The Lord is near unto all them that call upon Him, to all that call upon Him in truth. He will fulfill the desire of them that fear Him: He also will hear their cry and will save them” (Psalm 18-19). The word of the Lord today is that He is trying to get our attention. He is doing everything He can to open the eyes of our hearts so that we can learn how to live for Him. What will it take for us to become serious about our relationship with God? What will it take to pull us away from our flesh and the pleasures of this world and convict us to humbly fall on our face to God? 


Our mind is like a garden and we are the gardener. We can plant whatever we want and will harvest whatever we have sown! Our new spirit and renewed mind are ready to listen to King Jesus as He inspires us to confess out loud His never failing truth over ourselves, our families and our situations. This is only accomplished when we develop a serious awareness of our thought life and how powerful our confessions can be. You see, the old nature is associated with the old way of thinking but when our minds have been renewed in Christ, this is intended to give us better leverage when trying to wrestle our will into its rightful place (which is submission to Jesus). The reason why people do not want to pray is that they realize God is going to ask them to surrender their will and become a living sacrifice for His glory.

People want all the blessings in this life but do not want to live for God in order to enjoy them. A covenant is an agreement between two parties and humans desire to be the receiver without being the giver. The idea is that God gives everything to us and likewise we are to give everything back to Him which includes our will. Our good works will mean nothing until we have yielded and submitted our nature to God’s perfect plan. We can demand and command all we want, but until this structure of order has been established, the spiritual process of covenant salvation will not function properly. We can take the safe path of least resistance where we just hold our shields, play defense, and do enough to get by, or we can face our fears of being uncomfortable, take a stand of faith, pick up our swords, and go on the offense. Righteousness and redemption are not about religion – it’s about loving and worshiping God with ALL of our heart and this includes praying, listening, and obeying His voice in all things. 

Faith and joy are not confined to a geographic location, a mood, or an emotion – it is activated when the determination to believe God becomes stronger than the temptation to doubt Him! We have a CHOICE to praise God because we love Him and trust Him! The Lord knows that if we can maintain our faith, that in the name of Jesus we can speak to the mountains in our life, and in God’s power and authority they will be removed! “And ALL things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive” (Matthew 21:22). Hopelessness is a condition of the default system that occurs when people only trust their own decisions. Human intellect and logic, impressive education, great wealth, or political power cannot save souls or bring true peace. Only God can change a mind and transform a life. 

A character trait of an Overcomer is to carry burdens, but they also learn to leave those burdens at the foot of the cross because they are very heavy and can hinder our liberty to live in joy. May we remember that as servants of the Most-High, ministers and leaders feel the same pain and heartaches that everyone does, and there is no condemnation for being sad and discouraged. It’s not an option but crucial that we all learn how to encourage ourselves and realize the source of our strength. Overcomers learn that qualities like fortitude, perseverance, determination, and integrity are formed and activated in times of great difficulty. God created and owns the heavens and earth and everyone must bow down to His power and authority. “We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed” (II Corinthians 4:8-9).

Web 3

Father, I desperately need You to fill me with Your holy PASSION. Make me hungry and thirsty for Your presence, and help me to develop an awareness of Your voice within my heart. If I do not have Your FIRE, I will remain a fading ember and be satisfied to stay in the comfort zone of my old nature. If I do not have Your love working in my conscience, I am nothing but a tinkling cymbal and will not be of any use to You. Break me and melt me so that I can be molded into Your image. Do a strong work in my heart that will literally CHANGE the way I think and who I am. I’m weak and self-centered Lord; please give me compassion and a burden for the lost, the needy and those who are hurting. Awaken me and breathe life into me that I may experience the depths of your presence. Purify me and make me holy in the precious name of Jesus Christ I pray, amen.”



I was overwhelmed with emotion as I stood today

In the office of a friend who recently passed away

How much time had he spent there alone?

Visions and ideas that will never be known

Letters and awards proudly declare his name

Pictures and clippings with much more of the same

Labors of passion with a unique expression

Dreams and thoughts from a vivid imagination

Through the years his creativity and wisdom grew

As these walls tell a story that only God really knew

Every frame and phrase a cherished memory

A collection of experiences we call a legacy

It was his identity, the deepest part of his core

But it’s now just piles of clutter with no room to store

As the dust is settling on the desk and shelves

I consider the image we are painting of ourselves

We begin with a fresh canvas, a brand new spirit

Then steadily with our decisions, we proceed to fill it

Eventually, our brush will rest in silence

But what will we leave for a seekers guidance?

Will our masterpiece be remembered in a gallery?

Or was our soul revealed from our personality?

What is the worth of a spiritual obsession?

Or the eternal value for a lifetime of expression?

Will the investment of our journey be thrown away?

Or will it be used somehow to help light the way?

I’m filled with sadness yet desire to learn more

Pondering my own canvas as I slowly close the door